Thursday, August 15, 2013

[Camping Recommendation in Daegu] Enjoy fun camping at Biseulsan Recreational Forest!

Hot summer_ where can we enjoy some last-minute camping?
It’s the Biseulsan Recreational Forest camping site!
Because August is the last month to enjoy camping at Biseulsan, it’s best to hurry up and make a visit. ^^

Biseulsan Recreational Forest is located at San 10 Yang-ri Yuga-myeon Dalseong-gun Daegu.
Campers can park their cars at the parking lot~ and walk up about 10 minutes to the camping area.

To go camping, you’d have to get a tent, portable pots, an icebox~ all these various camping items on your own.. it’s a bit too much to take everything, right?
So~ handcarts are prepared at the entrance!!

Also! Be sure to carefully read the rules for sleeping overnight before you enjoy camping. ^^
Although using a burner is permitted, but charcoal is prohibited!
You must take your trash with you or use standard trash bags!
Also, even if you put up your tent days before to reserve a spot, there’s no compensation for any damage~ Putting up a tent beforehand is prohibited!

By the way, you can’t make separate reservations at Biseulsan camping site.
Come earlier and take a spot to build your tent by first-come-first-server~ ^^

Refreshing air is already abundant even from the road that goes up to the camping site~ ^^
A cool stream also flows at the bottom of the camping area.

Wow~~ the long columns of tents..... can you see them?

From 6PM, they start collecting fees, 10,000 won for the deck, and 3,000 won for the floor.

Children are having fun in the cool water underneath the bridge~ ^^

Oh, right! At Biseulsan Recreational Forest camping site, a separate water playground is prepared for kids, so children can safely enjoy playing in the water.
The water playground is open from 10 AM to 5 PM during July~August.

And while playing in the water is fun~ there’s one thing that’s you must do when camping, right?
Cooking your own meal!!
Here, everyone can freely cook their own food as long as they use a standardized grill.

Well cooked pork.. smoked sausages, mushrooms, and even onions...... doesn’t it just water your mouth!
This is exactly what makes camping so much fun, right? ^^

Don’t just stay home because it’s hot~ The last days of summer! How about enjoying some cool and fun camping at Biseulsan Recreational Forest camping site? :)

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