Friday, August 23, 2013

A park located in downtown that contains the pain of the Japanese Invasion in 1592, Wolgok History Park exploration

A park in downtown that is receiving much love from the residents as their resting area.
Here, people come to go for a walk, exercise- and chat with friends. The park I will introduce today is a place that has a very special and fun story.

A history park that embraces the virtues and spirit of our old ancestors!

At Wolgok History Park, a residential resting area and Wolgok History Museum are located together.
As you can see from the name 'Wolgok History Park', this place is even more special because it is where the soul and spirit of the late Wolgok Woo Bae Sun rests.

Wolgok History Park, where Wolgok Woo Bae Sun, who led voluntary soldiers to defend their country during the Japanese Invasion in 1592 and numerous Independence activists lived! In the past, about 500 households of the Danyang Woo family formed a village and lived together.
Their descendants established the Wolgok History Park and Museum at this very place and provided a resting area for the residents.

If we go to the upper side of the park, we arrive at 'Nakdong Seowon'.
Nakdong Seowon is a place where an ancestral tablet is housed, and even now, on April 20th Kogujul, the local groups gather and conduct rituals.

At Wolgok History Park, the place where Woo Bae Sun left his governmental position and returned to his hometown to study as well as where his descendants read books is also preserved.

What's next if you finished looking around the park? The museum is also a must-go course!

Inside the museum, artifacts that serve as precious reference for voluntary military activities that occurred in the Daegu area are exhibited. 
As the lifestyles or our past ancestors are preserved intact, it will be helpful for children to learn about history.

Visiting Information
- Hours : 10:00 ~ 17:00(Enter until 16:00)
- Closed : Holidays / Admission : Free

Leisurely enjoy a stroll in park at the heart of Daegu~ and also study some history!
Today, shall we head over to Wolgok History Park where special stories awaits us?

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