Saturday, August 31, 2013

A feast of vivid colors~ 2013 Daegu International Body Painting Festival!

Colorful city Daegu falls into a feast of vivid colors!
The Daegu International Body Painting Festival will be held this weekend ~ for two days at Daegu Outdoor Concert Hall.

A fantastic event composed of the world's best body painting artists!
Performances of popular singers and showy fireworks!!
Various performances being staged every day and free face painting, nail art!!

After checking the detailed information carefully ~ Spend an exciting weekend at the Daegu International Body Painting Festival.

2013 Daegu International Body Painting Festival
○ Duration : 2013. 8. 31(Sat) ~ 9. 1(Sun) [2 days]
○ Location : Dooryu Park Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall
○ Detailed information of side events and experience programs 
▶Experience Programs
1. Face painting
- Organised with expert face painting artists
- Free service for visitors during the event for 2 days
2. Nail art, henna
- Organized with expert artists
- Free service for visitors during the event for 2 days
▶Side Events
1. Stage performance
1) Time : August 31st (Sat) ~ September 1st (Sun)
2) Location : Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall main and subsidiary stages
3) Performance : 2013 Daegu Mayor Body Building & Beauty Body Competition 
2. Fireworks
1) Time : September 1st 2013 (Sun) 21:30
2) Location : Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall 

Friday, August 30, 2013

4th International LED&Display Exhibition, live news of the first day from the scene!

LED lights that represent green energy and future state-of-the-art display products, all in one place together! 
The '4th International LED & Display Exhibition' finally opened its first day today.

120 domestic and international companies and 320 booths participated in this year's exhibition.

At this exhibition, which takes the form of a much upgraded specialized business exhibition, an LED supply seminar, LED purchase consulting, business export consulting will take place together.

Here, we can also see the various LED and electric lights that each company prepared to exhibit.
I had no idea that lights could be used in so many different ways~~~

Isn't the flower light so pretty?

Interior lights, stage lights, filming lights.. the types of lights are immense!
This is a LED light~
With LEDs found even inside a TV, there's really so many places that use LEDs these days, right?

You can even raise a plant using LEDs.
Wow... I didn't know that plants could be cultivated using only LEDs and with no agricultural pesticides! That's really cool! 

Apart from beautiful and spectacular lights~ the 21st Daegu Outdoor Advertisement Grand Prize is also being held at the same exhibition area.
Generally, we would call them 'signs'. While I would pass by them without much thought when I walk on the streets every day.. seeing them here! I could feel the touch of a master in each of the outdoor advertising products!
And this is not everything.

At this exhibition, the IT Convergence Expo Korea is also being hosted and you'll be able to see the trends of the domestic IT industry.
Please join us at the 4th International LED&Display Exhibition where there's so much to see~~

Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Daegu events in September] A season with cool breeze- Preview of the fall events in Daegu!

Finally! The summer has left and a season where cool wind blows~ autumn has arrived.
In September, let's enjoy the fall by going to fun festivals and events that will be held in Daegu.

One. Daegu International Body Painting Festival
A feast of vivid colors prepared by the world's best bodypainting artists~
Full of various performances and events! ^^
- Time : 2013.8.31(Sat) ~ 9.1(Sun)
- Location : Daegu Dooryu Park Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall
- Side events :
1. Stage performance
- Time : August 31st(Sat) ~ September 1st(Sun)
- Location : Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall main stage and subsidiary stage
- Performance : 2013 Daegu Mayor Bodybuilding & Beauty Body Competition
2. Fireworks
- Time : September 1st, 2013(Sun) 21:30
- Location : Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall
- Content : 3~5 minutes of aerial and ground fireworks 

Two. 2013 Daegu Consumer Goods Expo
A place where you can meet the newest trends of various living and household goods at the same time!
- Time : 2013.9.5(Thu) ~ 8(Sun)
- Location : EXCO
- Exhibited :  Hom&Living Hall, Beauty&Health Hall, Fashion Item Hall

Three. 2nd Korea Urban Agriculture Expo
September! A stage for providing and sharing various information on urban agriculture will be held.
- Time : September 5th(Thu) ~ 8th(Sun)
- Location : Daegu Natural Science High School
- Contents : Opening ceremony, exhibition, experience program, Symposium-International Agriculture Specialized Guidance Research Association project education, Scholar-Agriculture teacher school farm seminar etc.

Four. 2013 Daegu Fashion Fair
A spectacular fashion fair held in Daegu, the city of fashion!
- Time : September 5th(Thu) ~ 7th(Sat)
- Location : Daegu EXCO / Korea Research Institute For Fashion Industry
- Exhibition items : Women's wear, men's wear, casual, sports wear, fashion accessories etc.

Five. 10th Daegu Science Festival
Into a world of science festival that's much more fun than TV!
- Time :  2013. 9. 14(Sat) ~ 9. 15(Sun) /2days
- Location : EXCO New Hall 1 & Hall 2A
- Size : 340 booths

Six. 2013 Suseong Festival & Rolling a 1020m Gimbap
An exciting festival with citizens! Suseong festival~
- Time : September 27th(Fri) ~ 29th(Sun)
- Location : Around Suseong Pond in Daegu
- Program : Dance, Suseong singing contest, choir festival, children art street, art playground, traditional tea experience etc.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Experience 'healing' at Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area this fall

A healing place inside the city, 'Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area'
Forest bathing~ don't we all love it?
Soothe your fatigued body~ and take care of your health at a forest bathing area where the air is clear!

Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area is located at Maeyeo-dong San70, Dong-gu, Daegu.
You can easily find how to get there by searching the Daegu academic forum of Gyungpook University College of Agriculture and Life Science.

This area is 'Gapalhwancho-gil', one of the 7 sections of Palgongsan Wanggun-gil.

If you walk on the road for a while, a separate hiking route is paved so it's also used as a hiking course.

If you follow the hiking route~ you will soon meet the forest road of harmony and healing.

Passing the forest road and going to the forest of knowledge and experience~ a beautiful scene will await you.

In the forest of knowledge and experience, there are various sports facilities and a library, and reservoir.
Do exercise~ venture into the thick forest ~ and then leisurely read a book with a cup of coffee at the library inside the forest!

The hot summer has passed, and the fall with its chilly breeze made a huge step - forward.
This fall, experience a healthy way to heal at Maeyeo-dong Forest Bathing Area. ^^

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let's enjoy fall by feeling the atmosphere of Palgongsan! 888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival

'Cheoseo', the time of the year when the summer heat fades away and we greet fall
After a long, hot summer passed by, we've already stepped closer to the doorsteps of fall.
The weather today, is chilly like how 'Cheoseo' should be~ as if fall is just around the corner.
Now, we should also prepare for the fall?
The air is clear~ The fall, when it's cool and makes you feel better, is a great time of the year to go hiking and walking. ^^
 The season of red and yellow leaves, the season of hiking - Autumn.

As we welcome fall, '888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival' will be held at Palgongsan Olle road.

※What is the 888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival?
It stands for walking 80km for 8 weeks at the 8 courses of Daegu Olle Pal(8)gongsan.
If you love walking, it's a festival that anyone can participate!
Enjoy the beauty of Palgongsan with your own eyes and grasp both fun and health at the Olle Walking Festival.

2013 3rd 888 Daegu Olle Walking Festival
○ Time : 2013.9.7(Sat) ~ 11.2(Sat)
○ Location : Daegu Olle Palgongsan 8 courses
○ Things to prepare : Long sleeves, long pants, trekking shoes, drinking water, hat
○ Participation fee : 8-week walking : 30,000 won(Sponsored member 15,000 won) / 4-week walking : 20,000 won(Sponsored member 10,000 won)
○ Souvenir : 8-week walking : Daegu Olle stamp book+folding cup+T-shirt+badge / 4-week walking : Daegu Olle stamp book+T-shirt+badge
○ Registration period : Until 8.29(Thu)
○ Registration method :
 1. Write an application at one of the sites below
 - Go to Daegu Olle
 - Daegu Green Consumers Network
 - Daegu Olle cafe
 2. After writing the application, deposit the participation fee / Daegu Bank 009-05-002421-6 (Account owner: Daegu Green Consumers Network)
○ Questions : Daegu Green Consumers Network Daegu Olle Team 053-985-8030

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Teenagers Group Tourism Recommendation/ Number of teenage group tourists who visit Daegu surpasses 10000

Jejudo, a well-known international tourist site!
I was really curious - where people who live in Jejudo would travel.
Aramdan, a youth group based in the Jeju area, is going to visit Daegu for two days!
This is could be considered a result of putting much effort in developing Daegu, Gyeongju, Andong, and Goryeong as a field trip course for teenagers.
It's said that they connected Daegu's representative tourist attractions that teenagers would like such as E-world, a theme park which is popular among teens in Daegu, and the water park Spa Valley into a single course. 

Shall we look at each of the Daegu attractions that the teenagers from Jejudo will be visiting?


1. Tangible Culture Street, which was selected as the star of Korean tourism and 100 picks of Korean tourism
Tangible Culture Street, where one can experience the history and culture of Daegu!
Since it has well preserved the old downtown, it is an attraction that possesses various titles such as the star of Korean tourism, 100 domestic tourist sites that Koreans should visit, and the Grand Prize for the local culture brand. Not only can you see the historic building from the Japanese Occupation Era, but also the history of modern industrialization can be seen at one glance.

2. European Style Theme Park E-World
E-world is home to the 83 Tower, which is one of the 12 stunning scenes of Daegu. It was also previously called Woobang Land, Woobang Tower Land. Not only does it house various rides, but it also has an abundance of festivals and performances each season! It's also a very popular place among Daegu citizen~

3. 'The ARC', a Water Culture Center with Beautiful Architecture
'The ARC', which is rising as Daegu Gyeongsangbu-do's new landmark, can be found at the Gangjeong Goryeong Bo where the water stream of Nakdong river flows. It's a newly conceptualized culture center with the theme as 'water' and construction and exhibition is made in one space.

4. 'Spa Valley', a Water Park
Spa Valley, which is located at Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, is also a very well-known water park in Daegu. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the park has been reborn with a much newer face. Because one can enjoy health and leisure with spring water at the same time, it is a place where both adults and children can have fun~

Daegu, which is rising as a mecca for teenager group tourism! We look forward to having you get more excited about Daegu.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A park located in downtown that contains the pain of the Japanese Invasion in 1592, Wolgok History Park exploration

A park in downtown that is receiving much love from the residents as their resting area.
Here, people come to go for a walk, exercise- and chat with friends. The park I will introduce today is a place that has a very special and fun story.

A history park that embraces the virtues and spirit of our old ancestors!

At Wolgok History Park, a residential resting area and Wolgok History Museum are located together.
As you can see from the name 'Wolgok History Park', this place is even more special because it is where the soul and spirit of the late Wolgok Woo Bae Sun rests.

Wolgok History Park, where Wolgok Woo Bae Sun, who led voluntary soldiers to defend their country during the Japanese Invasion in 1592 and numerous Independence activists lived! In the past, about 500 households of the Danyang Woo family formed a village and lived together.
Their descendants established the Wolgok History Park and Museum at this very place and provided a resting area for the residents.

If we go to the upper side of the park, we arrive at 'Nakdong Seowon'.
Nakdong Seowon is a place where an ancestral tablet is housed, and even now, on April 20th Kogujul, the local groups gather and conduct rituals.

At Wolgok History Park, the place where Woo Bae Sun left his governmental position and returned to his hometown to study as well as where his descendants read books is also preserved.

What's next if you finished looking around the park? The museum is also a must-go course!

Inside the museum, artifacts that serve as precious reference for voluntary military activities that occurred in the Daegu area are exhibited. 
As the lifestyles or our past ancestors are preserved intact, it will be helpful for children to learn about history.

Visiting Information
- Hours : 10:00 ~ 17:00(Enter until 16:00)
- Closed : Holidays / Admission : Free

Leisurely enjoy a stroll in park at the heart of Daegu~ and also study some history!
Today, shall we head over to Wolgok History Park where special stories awaits us?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Daegu Tour]Socks at this price? A trip to the historical Socks Street


The 5th exotic street tour! Socks Street it is.

While we wait for the cool breeze of autumn, why don't we tour the Socks Street?

The Dalgubul road divides the Socks Street into two streets, Daesin-dong and Namsan-dong. The present Socks Street was formed when Park Jeongwon of Wonil & Co. began a socks retail store in the 1980s for the first time, attracting other merchants to this very place.   

Currently, around 30 socks wholesalers and retailers are in business here at the Socks Street.

Interestingly, not a single store displayed the same pair.

Socks from the Socks Street are distributed to socks stores across the country.
Not to mention, you can also buy socks at the Socks Street at a much cheaper price.

"Unbelievable! Just 7,000won for 10 pair of socks!"
Isn’t it so cheap?
Note though, prices differ according to the types.

There was a time when every sock in the country went through the Socks Street, and when hundreds of stores flourished, greatly contributing to the economy of Daegu.

Although the remaining stores are old and worn out, these stores, which have been passed down through generations within their owners’ family, still stand tall at the Socks Street.

Daegu's Socks Street, where history and tradition live on!
How about a trip to the Socks Street?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Walking Trails in Daegu]Enjoy the gentle breeze in this autumn as you stroll along the downtown trails


Forget about the scorching summer heat and let’s look at the downtown walking and trekking trails in Daegu for the coming autumn. Soak in the beauty of autumn while you trek along the walking paths.

Recommendation 1. Jinbatggol Woodland Park
Jinbatggol Woodland Park, located in Suseong District, offers various scenic views to visitors while enjoying ice sledding on the frozen Daedeok reservoir in the winter and "forest bathing" in the summer.
○ Main routes : training mind & body zones 1 & 2, forest trail zone, education & forest bathing zone, nature learning & healing zone
○ Facilities : Suseong District Youth Center
○ Other places to visit : Suseong Sports Park, Cheonggyesa temple

Recommendation 2. Maeyeo-dong Woodland Park
Under Chorae Peak of Palgongsan, a well-known place to view the sunrise, lie the Maeyeo-dong Woodland Park and a footpath where visitors can relax and heal.
○ Facilities : library, gym, outdoor table and bench, mobile toilets, reservoir
○ Other places to visit : Daegu Kyungpook National University Forest, hiking Chorae Peak

Recommendation 3. Apsan Outskirt Trail
Apsan Outskirt Trail, situated a certain distance from the Apsan circuit road, follows the contour of the mountain connecting the existing walking paths. Along with the trail, visitors can also enjoy a fossil site and a Metasequoia road.
○ Other places to visit : Apsan Cafe Street, Apsan Cable Car, Anjirang Gopchang(tripe) Street

Recommendation 4. Hosan Neighborhood Park
Hosan Neighborhood Park, surrounded by green metasequoia trees, was selected as the most beautiful place in Daegu providing a picturesque background to couples, friends and families.
○ Other places to visit : Keimyung University, Gangjeongbo the ARC, Igok Fountain Park, Dalseong Marsh

Recommendation 5. Ssangyong Green Road
Ssangyong Green Road is the waterfront area that connects Waryongsan to Geumho River, and Chongryongsan to Nakdong River. Visitors to Ssangyong Green Road and Dalseong Marsh will walk in the cool breeze, mesmerized by the beauty of the nature.
○ Other places to visit : Keimyung University, Gangjeongbo the ARC, Igok Fountain Park,  Dalseong Marsh