Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vivid and Burning Hot! At the Daegu Chicken-Beer Festival Scene~~

July 18th!! A Hot! Festival that came with the sizzling heat ~
This is Dooryu Baseball Field(Supplementary Stadium) located inside Daegu Dooryu Park, where the Chicken-Beer festival is being held.

The first day~ the booths opened starting at 4PM!! But already.. all these people~ gathered and were in line ....
Oh it’s so hot~ the sunlight was shining down brightly~

Beer, which goes along well with chicken, was also stacked up like a mountain....

Admissions were free!! You only needed to get in line~ and could taste delicious chicken for free.
At the Chicken-Beer Festival, there was an abundance of events prepared by chicken franchises~~ If you solve a problem~ a coupon for a chicken!!

There were several people who asked "Being a festival with chicken and beer... does that mean that students can’t join?"..
Not at all!!
Even students wearing school uniforms? Yes, they can participate~~

But, surely you know that they’re not allowed beer, right? lol
No need to worry because there is a free drinking corner with non-alcoholic beverages ^^
Places where you could sit under the blue sky and enjoy cool beer and chicken were also prepared. ^^

If you want to drink beer? It’s mandatory to verify that you are an adult!!
These people are standing in line to get their IDs checked.. so many of them, right?
Despite the hot weather, a lot of people visited the Chicken-Beer Festival!

And being a chicken festival, there were lots~ of chicken-related events ^^
The Chicken-Beer Festival full of youth spirit! A unique summer experience that you can enjoy only in Daegu!

Did you have fun? This summer, let’s go to Daegu!!

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