Friday, July 26, 2013

[Summer resorts in Daegu] Spending the summer with a cool fountain!

Let’s spend a cool summer in the middle of Daegu!
But how?

Blow~ away the heat by spraying cool water streams at the Fountain Park

Recommendation 1. Daegu Suseong Amusement Park Musical Fountain
Suseong Amusement Park, a place where you would definitely have visited at least once if you live in Daegu~ At the park, which boasts beautiful scenery each season,  you can meet the beautiful Musical Fountain from May to October. Enjoy the great night scene~ and blast away the heat ^^
※ Musical Fountain operating period (May 1st ~ October 17th) / Every Monday, Closed in case of rain
May, August, September, October
- Daytime : 13:00, 16:00 (2 times, 40 min. each)
- Nighttime : 20:00, 21:00 (2 times, 30 min. each)
June, July
- Daytime : 13:00, 16:00 (2 times, 40 min. each)
- Nighttime : 20:30, 21:30 (2 times, 30 min. each)
※ Nearby attractions : Deulangil Food Town, Suseong Land, World Cup Stadium, Children’s Hall

Recommendation 2. Wolgwang Lakeside Park
Wolgwang Lakeside Park is located at Dowon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu~ it is a park that is popular among Daegu citizens because it is a environment friendly lake park that preserved the surrounding nature landscape. Not only does it have a resting area! But it also has various sports-for-all facilities like inline skating zone, basketball courts, and a gate ball field.

※ Musical Fountain operating period (May ~ October) / Flexible operations depending on weather conditions
May, June, October (6 times daily, runs for 30 mins.)
- Daytime : 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00
- Nighttime : 20:00, 21:00
July, October (9 times daily, runs for 30 mins.)
- Daytime : 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00
- Nighttime : 20:00, 21:00, 22:00
※ Nearby attractions : Daegu Arboretum, Nampyeong Moon’s Family Bonli Habitation, Anjirang Gopchang Alley

Recommendation 3. Daegu Kangjung Reservoir The ARC
Nakdong River, the lifeline of Youngnam that leisurely flows around Dalgoobul~
The ARC fountain at Gangjung Goryeong Reservoir is also a unique attraction to cool down the summer heat. With the beautiful The ARC night scene behind your back, The ARC Forum Floor Fountain magnificently sprays water streams of different colors!
By the way! From July 20th to August 18th ,  ‘One Summer Riverside Culture Festival’ also runs every weekend so wouldn’t it be great to enjoy them together?
※ One Summer Riverside Culture Festival
- Time : July 20th, 2013 (Sat) ~ August 18th(Sun), Every weekend
- Programs : Pressed flower fan making, kids character musical and puppet show, children movie screening etc.
※ The ARC Forum Floor Fountain
Operating hours : Weekdays, Weekends 20:00 ~ 21:00 
※ Nearby attractions : Keimyung University, Dalseong Marsh, Horim Park, Munyang Station Spicy Carfish Stew Alley
- Daegu’s representative industrial alley!
Shall we visit the Glasses Street in Buk-gu, Daegu, the center of Korea’s optical industry?

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