Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Places to enjoy water entertainment in Daegu] Let’s blast away the heat at water parks in the middle of Daegu!

What is the most popular water park in the middle of Daegu during the summer?

Recommendation 1 Daegu Geumho River Water Park
Daegu Geumho River Water Park unveiled itself for the first time this summer!
We recommend Daegu Geumho River Water Park. ^^ No need to worry about our kids’ water safety! No need to worry about water pollution!
○ Admission : Free
○ Duration : 2013.7.15 ~ 8.18
○ Time : 10:00~19:00
○ Accommodation : Parking lot, dressing rooms, showers, shades, benches, water arch, water tunnel etc.
○ Note :
- Swimming cap is required to enter.
- Bringing in food into the water park is prohibited.

Recommendation 2. Sincheon Water Park
Enjoying water entertainment in first class clean water in Gachang Dam?
A free outdoor water park in the middle of the city! Of course, we can’t leave out Sincheon, right?
○ Admission : Free
○ Duration : 2013.7.6 ~ 8.18
○ Time : 10:00~19:00
○ Accommodation : Parking lot, dressing rooms, restrooms, shades, parasols, tap water etc.
○ Note: Cooking is not allowed
○ Questions : Sincheon Management Office 053)476-9912

Recommendation 3. Sinseo Park
A playground transformed into a water park!!! A swimming pool in the middle of Daegu! Full of rides that our kids will like!
○ Admission : Free
○ Duration : 2013.7.16 ~ 8.30
○ Time : 12:00~17:30

Recommendation 4. Suseong Family Park
A safe water park in the middle of Daegu~ the last hidden place for water entertainment! It’s Suseong Family Park~~
○ Admission : Free
○ Duration : 2013 July ~ early September (Every Monday, Closed in case of rain)
○ Time : 12:00~17:00
○ Note :
 - Please take your trash or throw it in a trash can.
 - Setting up a tent or cooking is prohibited!


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