Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Place where wishes come true] Daegu's famous mountain, Palgongsan!

What's the famous mountain that comes into mind when you think of Daegu?
It's Palgongsan!!

To the Sutae Valley in the summer~ a hiking course in the spring and fall, Boasting the magnificence of its beautiful snow flowers in the winter! It's the most famous mountain that is popular among not only the people of Daegu but also tourists from all over the country.
Palgongsan~ there's also another thing that comes up to mind with that name.

'Gatbawi Rock', where you can make one wish come true
The entrance to the Gatbawi Rock hiking route,
Although we can find it by typing the address in our nagivation device,
You can also take the 401 or Palgong 3 buses and get off at the end stop if you plan to use public transportation.

Ah~ we take steps happily as we breathe in the clean and refreshing air of Palgongsan in the early morning. ^^

Look at those green trees~

Prayer writings on beautiful lanterns of various shapes and colors wish for peace and health in one's household~ ^^
And once again.. taking one step at a time!
We arrive at the top of Gatbawi Rock!!

In the early dawn where fog fills the air.. they make their prayers again and again fervently towards the Gatbawi Bhaisajya-guru statue... for their family's health and their kids' education, business...

Do you see the flat rock on top of Buddha's head? The name 'Gatbawi' was given because that posture looked as he is wearing a 'gat'. 

It also looks as if he is wearing a graduation cap. Because of that, especially people with kids who are preparing for the college entrance exam come from all over the country to make their wishes.

Everyone~ let's go make a wish at Palgongsan Gatbawi Rock~~ :)

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