Monday, July 15, 2013

[Daegu Travel Site Recommendations] Winners of 'Find a real hidden attraction in Daegu' event!

Daegu's hidden travel sites, here we go for the last time!

#1. 2nd place Lee, Eun Soo - Ssangryong Green Road next to Korea District Heating Corp.
The place in the picture is the Geumho riverside 7 Ssangryong Green Road, which is next to the Korea District Heating Corp. near Daegu Seongseo Industrial Complex.

Here, large trees stretch highly~ and wrap around both sides along the road in front of you.
If you walk for a long time enjoying wild flowers every once in a while, you will easily find peace in your mind.


#2. 2nd place Kang, Ji Eun - Velvet Cafe, Youngdo Dawoom
The Velvet Cafe, Youngdo Dawoom, where one can view the velvet pieces that are displayed on the 2~3 floors and drink coffee. It's easy to visit, being near the Gyungpook National University hospital in downtown^^

#3. 2nd place Ronny - Old Alley Tour

Daegu's Attraction 1) Old Alley Tour
This is a course that I visited. Since all of them are on walkable streets, you can easily go through all of them.

Daegu's Attraction 2) Gyodong Market
As one of Daegu's three major markets, Gyodong Market is the only traditional market connected to Dongseongno in downtown.
While it is really close to Dongseongno, there are still a lot of people who don't really know about the market. I hope that it will become known as much Dongseongno.

Daegu's Attraction 3) Bangchun Market, Kim Kwang Suk Road
Bangchun Market was reborn with Kim Kwang Suk Road! Many people have come and visited after cute murals and paintings have been drawn in various parts of the market,  and the Kim Kwang Suk Road was made at the end of the market.

Daegu's Attraction 4) Ganziguje
Ganziguji is at the entrance of Gyodong Market. The store is so large that they sell not only clothes, but also hats and shoes~
It's already been televised several times!! They also run a 50% discount event once every summer and winter so don't miss that opportunity!!

Daegu's Attraction 5) Keimyung University
Keimyung University has been the filming site for numerous movies and dramas like East of Eden, Boys over Flowers.! The university building are really beautiful, and it's well decorated overall.

#4. 1st place Park, Jae Hyun - Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park and Daegu Environment and Resources Park 
Daegu's Attraction 1) Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park
Selected by the Daegu city as a travel site, this place is where ancient tombs(big graves)are concentrated.

Daegu's Attraction 2) Daegu Environment and Resources Park
This place is literally a park within nature.
It's the Environment and Resources Park located next to the Seojae road which leads to the Fiber Industrial Complex.

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