Monday, July 22, 2013

[Daegu Places To Go] A beautiful banquet of lotuses! Come visit the lotus complex in the Ansim Wetlands at Dong-gu, Daegu~

The extreme heat wave is never stopping in July!
Heat~~ can also be a unique charm of the summer! right?
Summer! There's one other thing! that you can see only in the summer~
It's none other than the beautiful 'lotus flowers'

This hot summer, come by the lotus complex,  which is also well known as a photo taking site in Daegu, to meet lotus flowers that have arrived with the heat! We visited the lotus complex at Dong-gu Ansim Wetlands.
Filled with white lotus flowers that have fully blossomed, this place is located near the Ansim Wetlands in Banyawol, Daegu, which is the nation's largest producing area of lotus roots.
White lotuses popping their heads up from the big lotus leaves~ aren't they beautiful?
They also look amazing with the blue sky, doesn't it? ^^
A red dragonfly that sat gently on top of a lotus~
Right now! This place is full of white lotuses and large lotus leaves!
Since lotuses continue to blossom until late August, so if you want to enjoy beautiful lotuses?
And if you want to take photos of beautiful sceneries of nature?
Come by the lotus complex at the Ansim Wetlands in Dong-gu, Daegu!! ^^

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