Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daegu Must-go Travel Course Part 2!!

What awaits us on Day 2? ^^
Since Day 1 was a bit exhausting~ shall we enjoy a more relaxed travel around Daegu on Day 2?

#1. Kim Kwang Suk Road with Bangchun Market
Our first destination is the Kim Kwang Suk Road.
Since it’s located not far from the center of Daegu, you can easily walk over there.
Listening to Kim Kwang Suk’s song... after taking pictures leisurely, don’t forget to visit Bangchun market, a place full of culture and art.
#2. Keimyung University & The ARC cycling experience
After getting on Subway Line 2 towards Munyang~ what’s the place we’re going for yet another journey?
Keimyung University!
From here~ we’ll travel around on bicycle to relieve your exhausted legs. ^^
Tip) Using the Trust Bicycles at Keimyung University Station, Subway Line 2
If you leave your ID and simply write your name and contact info, you can borrow a bike for free. ^^

First~ let’s ride the bicycle and go around Keimyung University campus.
A well decorated campus... as if it’s a set for some drama. You can feel as if you’ve arrived somewhere in Europe. ^^
And if you finish looking around the campus?
Ride your bike~ following the Subway Line 2..until you reach Gangcheng Station.
It’ll be a fun cycling trip with the streams of Nakdong River flowing next to the bicycle road.
Going up a little further along the bicycle road~ You will see the The ARC Hall with its gigantic shape.
Inside, you can see various art piece at the Modern Art Center and exhibitions.
After walking around the interior~ have fun following the bicycle road~ and going for a stroll.. and that’s the end of our Daegu trip. ^^

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