Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daegu Must-go Travel Course Part 1!!

A landmark festival that will heat up your summer at Daegu! Making memories at Daegu with the Chicken & Beer Festival! I will introduce this overnight course in two parts. ^^
Visit Daegu’s attractions and restaurants ~ while participating in a fun Chicken & Beer Festival!
Daegu traveling with the Chicken & Beer Festival

<Day 1 Course>
East Daegu Station – Dongin-dong Galbijim Alley – Modern Alley – Seomun Market – Chicken & Beer Festival – Empathy Guest house
#1. Dongin-dong Galbijim Alley
After getting off at East Daegu Station, to relieve our hungry stomaches~ we head to Dongin-dong Galbijim Alley!
Dongin-dong Galbijim Alley is one of most famous food places in Daegu.
#2. Modern Alley
After eating lunch heartily~ where do we go next?
Modern Alley! Where tourists from Korea and overseas go when they come to Daegu!

Chungna Hill and Dongsan Missionary House, the beginning of the Modern Alley course.

Celavie Music Teahouse, a meeting place for young people of the 70s and filming site of the drama Love Rain~

Medicinal Herbs Street, full of oriental medicine scent~

And next~ off to Jin Street, the last stop of Modern Alley!

Walking for a little~bit from Modern Alley? We reach Seomun Market
Here, you can taste Flat Mandu, A speciality that can only be found in Daegu!

Tteokbokki, Chinese pancake, sundae, noodles can fill your stomach~ cheap and deliciously.
#4. Chicken & Beer festival with Horror performing art festival
Chicken & beer festival that which heat up Daegu’s summer night!
▶Period : July 18th ~ 21st, 2013
 ▶Location : Dooryu Park(Dooryu baseball field)
Also~ Daegu Horror performing art festival will be hosted at the Dooryu Park Kolon  Outdoor Music Hall from the 19th to the 21st.
Now that we spent a hot summer night, what next?
Since we’ve been going around all day.. we are tired~ and.. for tomorrow’s traveling! We should find a comfortable place to sleep, right?

An accomodation for Rail-ro travelers!
I recommend the Empathy Guest house which newly opened recently.
Daegu Traveling Day 1~ Spend a fun vacation at Daegu this summer. ^^


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