Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buk-gu Glasses Street, Daegu’s most representative industrial alley!

Here, more than 80% of Korea’s glasses manufacturers are gathered, covering 80~90% of the national glasses production.
The Glasses Street, an axis of Daegu’s economy!
Now then, the optical industry special zone!! Glasses Street~ shall we take a look?
As we enter the Glasses Street, a huge sculpture of a person’s face with glasses on greets us.
'Daegu Optical Industry Special Zone' !!
After being designated as the Optical Industry Special Zone in 2009, streetlights in the form of glasses and various sculptures were installed to publicize that this place is the center of the optical industry.
Actually looking at it~ across the entire Glasses Street~ streetlights shaped like glasses, and even bus stops decorated as a big glasses..

With round edges~ cute glasses are on the top of the bus stop ~ ^^
There are 96 glasses streetlights installed in this section alone!!

The sidewalks are full of blocks that are shaped like glasses~~

If you’ve come to the Glasses Street~? Stop by and take an eyesight test~~ ^^
There is also another place that you must visit.
It’s none other than the Korea Optical Industry Support Center.
You can see the various glasses that Korean glasses companies made~

And also learn about Korea’s old history about glasses. ^^
How did you like it? 
Food alley~ cafe streets~ there are so many different alleys in Daegu!
But you had no idea that there would be a Glasses Street that takes care of Daegu’s sturdy economy? 

This is the end of our second episode for Daegu theme traveling, 'Unique Alley Exploration'.
Of course, you’ll look forward to our third episode, right? ^^

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