Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We invite you to Daegu, the medical city, health city! The 13th International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo

In this humid~ and hot weather.. What is more important that anything else?
It’s your 'Health' !!
Body health is something that one may easily not pay attention to~ Are you taking care of yourself?

Today, we’d like to introduce you a healthy expo that will be held in Daegu. ^^
It’s the 2013 International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo!!

At this expo, there are medicine relate events in various fields such as Korea medicine, skin health, and beauty treatment.

The 13th International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo  
○ Period : 2013.6.21(Fri) ~ 23(Sun) / 3 days
○ Location : Daegu EXCO 1st floor exhibition hall
○ Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (17:00 on the last day)
○ Side Events :
- International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo side events
○ Traditional Korea medicine incense demonstration, Korea medicine care, Korea medicine pinda making
○ Natural Korea medicine dye painting & printing, natural Korea medicine dying
○ Free Korea Medicine examination and experience
○ Tasting of Korea medicine tea which is good for the body

The 13th International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo held at medicity Daegu!
This weekend~ we invite you ~ to this healthy expo. ^^

By the way! If you register as an attendee in advance~ right now~ you don’t need to pay the 3,000 won admissions fee~ and can enjoy the Korea Medicine Expo for free!! Please hurry and sign up. ^^

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