Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Sincheon Water Park About to Open] Outdoors water entertainment at Daegu? Sincheon Water Park and Geumho River Outdoors Water Park will open starting from July!

What’s the most typical geographical characteristic about Daegu? 
Yes, you’re right. It’s a basin.

Daegu, a city with no ocean.
Then, is it possible to enjoy outdoor water entertainments at Daegu? Or is it not? 
The answer is yes!!!!

A summer resort at the heart of Daegu, <Sincheon Water Park> is opening~
Sincheon is a stream that flows in the eastern region of Daegu.
With walking trails and exercise routes built, the park is loved extremely by the people of Daegu.
Every summer, Sincheon Outdoors Water Park, which washed away the sweat of Daegu citizens, has surely come again this year.

The park will be opening during the summer season, from July 6th to August 18th (Opening hours : 10AM ~7PM).

Lifeguards are a must to prevent safety accidents beforehand!
Also, for the convenience of visitors, a parking lot, locker rooms and restrooms, shades, parasols will be installed and even tap water will be supplied for free by the  city of Daegu. And how much does this all cost? It’s free!!
However, cooking is prohibited so please visit nearby restaurants.

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