Friday, June 28, 2013

[Events at Daegu in July] What events will be occurring in Daegu in the hot month of July?

Hot summer! Hot Daegu~~~
Summer at its peak! July is coming up.

Very very hot July~
Here are fun and lively events in Daegu that will blow away the summer heat! 
1. 2013 Daegu Summer Water Festival
- Date and time: 2013. 6. 29 (Sat.) ~ 8. 25 (Sun.)
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (last entry at 17:00)
- Fee:
12,000 won for adults, 15,000 for children (elementary school students and younger)


2. 2013 Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival
Chicken and Beer Festival at Daegu, the home of chickens. Tasty chicken and beer are free! There will be fun concerts and exotic events at the Chicken and Beer Festival~

- Date and time: 2013. 7. 18 (Th.) ~ 21 (Sun.)
- Location: Auxiliary Stadium in Daegu Duryu Park
- Main events: party time with DJs, MBC Pop Best, university dance group battle, non-stop concerts, competition of rock bands from Daegu and Gyeongbuk universities


3. The 10th Daegu Horror Festival
There are many horror movies released in summer. In preparation of hot summer, Daegu will host a horror festival. ^^

- Date and time: 2013. 7. 19 (Fri.) ~ 21 (Sun.) / 22:00
- Location: Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall in Daegu Duryu Park
- Main events: Total of 30 booths including haunted house, horror tracking,

                      horror concerts and musicals, ghost make-ups, magic, etc.
- Fee: Free



4.  2013 Korean Youth UCC Camp and Competition
UCC Camp and Competition for the youth to show off their talents and ideas!
Come take a look at the UCCs submitted during June that made it to the finals! And also enjoy various events at the festival of youths!

- Date and time: Primary UCC competition – 2013. 6. 3. (Mon.) ~ 6. 29. (Sat.)
                          Secondary UCC camp (Finals) - 2013. 7. 27. (Sat.) ~ 7. 29. (Mon.)
- Location: Daegu Youth Center and other locations in Daegu
- Main events: UCC competition, 3-day UCC camp/competition and premiere,

                      Daegu cultural lectures, youth festival, and other events

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