Friday, June 28, 2013

[Events at Daegu in July] Daegu, the city of culture and art! Events in July

July is the beginning of the summer vacation season. There are many fun and exciting events planned at Daegu ^^

Moon Roof (Oksang Dalbit) Concert
The charming voice of Moon Roof is en route to Daegu as a part of the national tour!
▶Date: 2013. 7. 5 (Fri.)
▶Time: 20:00
▶Location: Daegu Club Rocking (Rock Wang) (Basement of 852-7, Namsan 3-dong, Daegu)
▶Age restriction: 8 years old and older
▶Fee: 33,000 won for standing

Romantic hip-hop concert – Romantic Beat
A romantic hip-hop concert in a midsummer night! Hip-hop musicians will fill the hot summer night of Daegu with romantic beat!
▶Date: 2013.7.6. (Sat.)
▶Time: 20:00
▶Location: E-world Grand Stage
▶Age restriction: 14 years old and older
▶Fee: 33,000 won for E-world day pass + hip-hop concert / 28,000 won for E-world admission ticket + hip-hop concert

The Three Musketeers
The legend of men in the 17th century Paris revives! Experience the power of a classic as the Three Musketeers comes to Daegu.
▶Date: 2013. 7. 5. (Fri.) ~ 7 (Sun.)
▶Time: 20:00
▶Location: Keimyung Art Center
▶Age : 7 years old and older
▶Fee: VIP 120,000 won / R 100,000 won / S 80,000 won / A 60,000 won

Monni Concert
Solo concert to celebrate the release of an EP album

▶Date: 2013. 7. 13. (Sat.)
▶Time: Fri. 19:30 / Sat. 15:00, 19:00 / Sun. 14:00, 18:00
▶Location: Indiya (Cultural Complex)
▶Age restriction: 7 years old and older
▶Fee: Standing 44,000 won

Kuma Park Concert
▶Date: 2013. 7. 16. (Tue.)
▶Time: 18:00
▶Location: Bongsan Culture Center Grand Performance Hall
▶Age restriction: 7 years old and older
▶Fee: R 33,000 won / S 22,000 won

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