Saturday, June 15, 2013

[Daegu Tourist Attractions] Let’s go on a journey to Daegu’s unique streets!

Our Daegu~ is really famous for its streets~

Then ladies and gentlemen! Like modern streets that so many tourist have come to love.. streets that have history, emotion, and story.. by chance.. do you know how many of these streets are in Daegu?

A thousand streets!

Why are there so many streets in Daegu!

While there may be various traits, the reason why Daegu has so many streets can be summarized to three. 

First, its geographical characteristic as a basin, second~ the fact that it wasn’t a direct battlefield during the Korean War, and third, the city reconstruction project that aims to place how we live in the present in the streets of the past and give birth to another new story all contributed to Daegu having so many streets.
Then_ right about now...... Daegu’s unique streets!

You must be curious about what is where! What kind of streets there are~

Tteokbokki Street, 2030 Street, Samdeok-2-ga·Apsan Cafe Street, Bachelor Pub Street, Dongin-dong Steamed Galbi Street, Deulangil Food Street, Pyounghwa Market Chicken Gizzard Street, Anjirang Gopchang Street, Janggi-dong Food Street, Jungni-dong Gopchang Street, Bangoge Seasoned Raw Fish Street, Indong-chon Whitespotted Conger Street, Bugok-ri Spicy Seafood Stew Street, Yeom-mae Market Pan-fried Rice-Pasta and Boiled Beef Slices Street, Chilseong Market Eel Street etc.

Gyodong Jewelry Street, Guje Street, Wolf Street, Rodeo Street, Handmade Shoes Street, Shoes Street, Night Market Street, Yankee Street, Socks Street etc.

Gyodong Market Electronics Street, Car Parts Street, Motorcycle Street, Printing Street, Buksungro Hardware Street, Eyeglasses Street, Communication Street, Pets Street etc.

Culture & Arts
Bongsan Culture Street, Daemyung-dong Performance and Culture Street, Club Street etc.

Explore Daegu’s unique streets freely as you wish and with friends~ 

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