Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Daegu Rock Climbing Center] My way of escaping the heat! How about some rock climbing?

A warm summer. In this hot weather... everyone has their own way of living through the heat.
If you only stay home~ you only become more lethargic,,, and it's also not good for your health.
So what should you do in this heat?
We should face the hotness by breaking some sweat!
Of course, that doesn't mean we should be outside too much,, but except for when the UV index is at its peak, it's good to go outdoors~ play sports, go for a walk~ and be healthy.

Where is this place! It's the rock climbing center at Daegu Sports Park!!

This is where you can enjoy rock climbing in Daegu for a cheap price! ^^
In this hot weather,,, there are a lot of people who have come to enjoy rock climbing. ^^

Look ... look at those muscles,,,
Sweat on the neck.. blowing out rough breath! Our mothers are really enjoying rock climbing!

Wow~ Isn't it really awesome?

Fight away the heat with heat! People who are blasting away the heat ... by enjoying exercise in this hot weather~
This summer is also expected to be really hot. ㅠㅠ
Heat~ Don't just avoid it! Let's make it a healthy and cool summer by working out. ^^
Not only is the rock climbing center at Daegu Sports Park easy to find because it's located near the Daegu World Cup Stadium! But also come and enjoy its various attractions~

Daegu World Cup Stadium Office : 053)602-2002
Hours : December~February 09:00~17:00 / March~November 09:00 ~ 18:00
Fee : For 2 hours per 1 time, Individual 2,000 won / Group 1,400 won / Monthly members 30,000 won

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