Friday, June 14, 2013

[Daegu June Festival] Enjoy Daegu International Musical Festival(DIMF)!

A warm summer, at Daegu where it is especially hot! A 'hot' festival will be held. 
That performance is none other than~!!!
'Daegu International Musical Festival(DIMF)', which people from all around the world look forward to and enjoy!!!

Starting with the Eve Party this past 15th~ the Musical Festival will go on at Daegu’s major performance halls and in downtown until July 8th!

 ♣ 7th Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF) 
  ▶ Time : 6. 15 (Sat) ~ 7. 8 (Mon)
  ▶ Location : Daegu’s major performance halls and downtown area
    (Daegu Opera House, Suseong Artpia, Ayang Art Center, Bongsan Cultural Center,
      Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Keimyung Art Center, Kolon Field Concert Hall etc.)
  ▶ Programs : K-Musical concert, Officially invited works, creation supported works,

       free entry works, College Musical Festival, side events etc.
  ▶ Questions : 053-622-1945
  ▶ Official website :

Celebrating its 7th anniversary~ DIMF has prepared a handful of various programs.
This coming summer~ enjoy a cool summer with DIMF. ^^

- TIP on how to enjoy DIMF 100 times better
First, enjoy performances at a 40~50% discounted price with DIMF performance package.

※ Packages can only be reserved until June 14th by calling the DIMF office
Second, be quick to make reservations for the College Musical Festival beforehand on the DIMF website!
Especially because it is a free performance, you should make reservations on the website prior to the event, and exchange with tickets on the spot.

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