Friday, June 21, 2013

[Daegu Good Road to Walk On] Hot summer~ Enjoy green nature at the Metasequoia forest road!

This summer.. can you imagine how hot Daegu will be again~~
Nonetheless! Heat~ psshh! It’ll be nothing if we blast it away! ^^
But where?
With the wind breezing~ a place filled with cool grass!
It’s none other than the Metasequoia forest road located at Hosan Neighborhood Park, Hosan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu~ ^^
This place was also selected as Daegu’s beautiful road in 2011.

This road, where a narrow but long and cozy Metasequoia forest road and Hosan Park are connected side by side, is the famous Metasequoia road in Daegu.
It’s already a place that is regarded as a good walking path for families and couples, and loved by photographers as a great place to take pictures!

Oh~ green Metasequoia tree~
Isn’t it so beautiful?

Don’t you just want to... grab a camera in one hand~ right now and go out to take photos?

Metasequoia forest road is also a great walking course! ~ try it out holding Mom’s hand~

Green forest~ Not only the trees but also the beautiful flowers planted around the park are attractions found only at this place ~ ^^
With family and friends ~ where you can immerse yourself in green nature and enjoy taking a stroll ~ Daegu Metaosequoia forest road ~

This coming summer~ let’s breathe cool air at Metasequoia forest road ~ and blast away the summer heat !! ^^ 

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