Saturday, June 15, 2013

[Daegu Food Tour Expo]Shall we go on a journey to find delicious food?

Who would say no to tasty food~
The Food Tour Expo where not only food from different countries around the world! But also various dishes that represent Daegu are waiting!!


See and taste delicious food~
Look~ after looking at those delicious looking foods,, how can you just pass by..
If you come to the event~ Not only do we have modern food! 

But also various foods that we used to eat in the past are displayed.

At the event, we saw a baker baking bread himself!
You could try a bite yourself and even purchase freshly baked bread at a cheap price.

Sizzle~ the smell of barbecue~


Wow~ is this food? Or is it art? Placing a story on food~ another form of art is created with food!

As expected! Our mothers are most interested in cooking~
We saw many of them who wandered around the expo,, thinking about what they should cook for their kids today~


Full of delicious ~ pretty~ and mouth-watering foods~ Come to Daegu for a delicious journey. ^^

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