Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A healing destination with flowers and butterflies in the middle of Daegu~ Daegu Butterfly Greenhouse

Daegu’s unique healing destination where nature and plants create harmony and one can breathe fresh air!
It’s none other than! 'Butterfly Greenhouse', located at Bongmu Park, at the outskirts of Palgongsan!!

We invite you to the beautiful Butterfly Greenhouse!

First of all, before wandering around the Greenhouse! The place that Jaemutdero visited is 'Butterfly Garden'
A beautiful area unfolds as we pass the entrance~It’s full of flower beds! ^^
Flowers that show off their beauty and wave toward butterflies!

Past the Butterfly Garden ~ where is this place with that circular building?
It’s the Butterfly Educational Hall. It’s an educational area where children can study and observe butterflies. ^^

150 species of domestic butterflies and 100 species of foreign butterflies, and a total of 1000 samples are displayed in the Educational Hall.

Coming out of the ecological hall, that cute? building standing next to the hall is~ none other than the Butterfly Greenhouse!
This place is a 165m2 glass greenhouse where butterflies live.
A refreshing environment that is great for butterflies to live in~
Everyone, this weekend ~ let’s go study butterfly at the Daegu Butterfly Greenhouse~~ 

◆ Butterfly Greenhouse
○ Hours -10:00 ~ 17:00
○ Closed -Every Monday
○ Butterfly Eco Commentary Volunteer Team- Every  Tuesday~Sunday, 10:00 ~ 17:00
-Questions and Contact : 053)744-1365

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