Saturday, June 29, 2013

A comfortable bed and warm hearts at Daegu’s Empathy Guest House

Are you planning for a summer getaway?
Many people are planning for a trip to a domestic or overseas destination.

For those who are planning to visit Daegu this summer, we would like to recommend a guest house for a comfortable and relaxing stay at Daegu ^^
The guest house is located at the end of the Jingolmok course. It is an ideal place for tourists to take a break after touring the alley ^^
The third floor is male-only.

Female guests are only allowed in case of a family-stay.
There are various rooms, including 2-person, 8-person, 10-person, and 14-person rooms. Total of 50 people may be accommodated.

Shower facility is shown in the picture.
Amenities including shampoo, body wash, and towel are provided ^^

The fourth floor is the female floor.

Basic toiletries such as a dressing table, a dryer, and cotton pads are available.

The common room on the fifth floor is shared by all guests.

Finally, the most exotic space at the Empathy Guest House is the Moon Garden on the fifth floor ^^
If you are planning a visit to Daegu this summer, take a relaxing break at the Empathy Guest House ^^

※ Information on staying at the Empathy Guest House

○ Fee
- Room fee: 22,000 won per person (same for all rooms)
- Group of 10 or more: 20,000 won
- Group of 20 or more: 19,000 won
- Rent a 8-person room: 160,000 won
- Rent a 10-person room: 200,000 won

○ Deposit
- Room key and personal locker key: 5,000 won (required)
- Personal
lamp: 5,000 won (optional)

○ House rules
1. Check-in from 15:00 to 22:00 (contact the guest house if check-in after 22:00 is needed)

2. Check-out before 11:00

Friday, June 28, 2013

[Events at Daegu in July] What events will be occurring in Daegu in the hot month of July?

Hot summer! Hot Daegu~~~
Summer at its peak! July is coming up.

Very very hot July~
Here are fun and lively events in Daegu that will blow away the summer heat! 
1. 2013 Daegu Summer Water Festival
- Date and time: 2013. 6. 29 (Sat.) ~ 8. 25 (Sun.)
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (last entry at 17:00)
- Fee:
12,000 won for adults, 15,000 for children (elementary school students and younger)


2. 2013 Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival
Chicken and Beer Festival at Daegu, the home of chickens. Tasty chicken and beer are free! There will be fun concerts and exotic events at the Chicken and Beer Festival~

- Date and time: 2013. 7. 18 (Th.) ~ 21 (Sun.)
- Location: Auxiliary Stadium in Daegu Duryu Park
- Main events: party time with DJs, MBC Pop Best, university dance group battle, non-stop concerts, competition of rock bands from Daegu and Gyeongbuk universities


3. The 10th Daegu Horror Festival
There are many horror movies released in summer. In preparation of hot summer, Daegu will host a horror festival. ^^

- Date and time: 2013. 7. 19 (Fri.) ~ 21 (Sun.) / 22:00
- Location: Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall in Daegu Duryu Park
- Main events: Total of 30 booths including haunted house, horror tracking,

                      horror concerts and musicals, ghost make-ups, magic, etc.
- Fee: Free



4.  2013 Korean Youth UCC Camp and Competition
UCC Camp and Competition for the youth to show off their talents and ideas!
Come take a look at the UCCs submitted during June that made it to the finals! And also enjoy various events at the festival of youths!

- Date and time: Primary UCC competition – 2013. 6. 3. (Mon.) ~ 6. 29. (Sat.)
                          Secondary UCC camp (Finals) - 2013. 7. 27. (Sat.) ~ 7. 29. (Mon.)
- Location: Daegu Youth Center and other locations in Daegu
- Main events: UCC competition, 3-day UCC camp/competition and premiere,

                      Daegu cultural lectures, youth festival, and other events

[Events at Daegu in July] Daegu, the city of culture and art! Events in July

July is the beginning of the summer vacation season. There are many fun and exciting events planned at Daegu ^^

Moon Roof (Oksang Dalbit) Concert
The charming voice of Moon Roof is en route to Daegu as a part of the national tour!
▶Date: 2013. 7. 5 (Fri.)
▶Time: 20:00
▶Location: Daegu Club Rocking (Rock Wang) (Basement of 852-7, Namsan 3-dong, Daegu)
▶Age restriction: 8 years old and older
▶Fee: 33,000 won for standing

Romantic hip-hop concert – Romantic Beat
A romantic hip-hop concert in a midsummer night! Hip-hop musicians will fill the hot summer night of Daegu with romantic beat!
▶Date: 2013.7.6. (Sat.)
▶Time: 20:00
▶Location: E-world Grand Stage
▶Age restriction: 14 years old and older
▶Fee: 33,000 won for E-world day pass + hip-hop concert / 28,000 won for E-world admission ticket + hip-hop concert

The Three Musketeers
The legend of men in the 17th century Paris revives! Experience the power of a classic as the Three Musketeers comes to Daegu.
▶Date: 2013. 7. 5. (Fri.) ~ 7 (Sun.)
▶Time: 20:00
▶Location: Keimyung Art Center
▶Age : 7 years old and older
▶Fee: VIP 120,000 won / R 100,000 won / S 80,000 won / A 60,000 won

Monni Concert
Solo concert to celebrate the release of an EP album

▶Date: 2013. 7. 13. (Sat.)
▶Time: Fri. 19:30 / Sat. 15:00, 19:00 / Sun. 14:00, 18:00
▶Location: Indiya (Cultural Complex)
▶Age restriction: 7 years old and older
▶Fee: Standing 44,000 won

Kuma Park Concert
▶Date: 2013. 7. 16. (Tue.)
▶Time: 18:00
▶Location: Bongsan Culture Center Grand Performance Hall
▶Age restriction: 7 years old and older
▶Fee: R 33,000 won / S 22,000 won

Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Playing in water in Daegu] A good place to play in water in Daegu! Come to the Daegu Summer Water Festival

An ideal place to play in water and blow away hot summer!
Fun water activities at EXCO '2013 Summer Water Festival' has begun.
Large pools and various themed facilities will be provided.

Also, mock-fishing and pedal boat as well as event pool will be available for use!

<2013 Summer Water Festival>

○ Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
○ Date and time: 2013. 6. 29 (Sat.) ~ 8. 25 (Sun.), for 58 days
○ Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (last entry at 17:00)
○ Fee: 12,000 won for adults / 15,000 for children (elementary school students and younger)
○ Facility:
 - Indoor water park that is 1,300 pyeong wide.
 - Large swimming pool, 5 m-high Super Screw Water Slide, leisure pool, various inflatable slides decorated with animal pictures, theme pools
○ Tips:
 1. Bring extra set of clothes as children’s clothes may get wet with sweat after playing.
 2. Food is not allowed for concerns of hygiene.
 3. No re-entry is allowed.
 4. Swimsuit/beachwear and swimming cap are required for entrance to the pools.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Daegu's Unique Cafes] Daegu's unique bingsu battle! What is your choice?

This hot summer~ a snack that will blast away the heat immediately!!
A snack that represents the summer~ bingsu !! At Daegu~ what kind of bingsu will there be?
Bingsus are delicious~ visually attractive~ and even cold!! Let's blow away the irritating heat this summer with bingsu!! ^^

Recommendation 1. cup of joe
Cup of joe, located at the front gate of Keimyung University Daemyung campus! Also called joe coffee~ the cold, sweet, and delicious bingsu sold at this place is the hottest menu in the summer! Apart from bingsu, they also sell coffee, juice, and even various desserts. ^^

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Recommendation 2. My Coffeecal Romance
My Coffeecal Romance located at the Cafe Street at Dongseongno, Daegu! Don't your mouth just water by looking at the photos?
Pomelo bingsu!! A unique bingsu ~ where you can't taste anywhere else ! Sweet honey mixed with pomelo~ it has a sweet and sour taste.

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Recommendation 3. Flying Ppangcha
Flying Ppangcha located at Keimyung University Daemyung campus. Many students come here to eat a light brunch before class starts. Now with the hot summer around the corner! Its bingsu is also a hit!! Isn't the size of it really big?

Recommendation 4. Assam
Assam, located at the Cafe Street in Apsan, Daegu!!  With a neat interior~ and a quiet atmosphere! It's extremely famous for its waffles. A cozy cafe where you can chat with friends. The bingsu at this place! It's taste is definitely one of the best~

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Recommendation 6. Sikhoo Ddeng
Sikhoo Ddeng, located near Daegu's Myungduk station~ Isn't the cafe name really funny? Coffee, drinks, and even bingsu at a relatively cheap price! They also have huge serving portions.~~

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Daegu Rock Climbing Center] My way of escaping the heat! How about some rock climbing?

A warm summer. In this hot weather... everyone has their own way of living through the heat.
If you only stay home~ you only become more lethargic,,, and it's also not good for your health.
So what should you do in this heat?
We should face the hotness by breaking some sweat!
Of course, that doesn't mean we should be outside too much,, but except for when the UV index is at its peak, it's good to go outdoors~ play sports, go for a walk~ and be healthy.

Where is this place! It's the rock climbing center at Daegu Sports Park!!

This is where you can enjoy rock climbing in Daegu for a cheap price! ^^
In this hot weather,,, there are a lot of people who have come to enjoy rock climbing. ^^

Look ... look at those muscles,,,
Sweat on the neck.. blowing out rough breath! Our mothers are really enjoying rock climbing!

Wow~ Isn't it really awesome?

Fight away the heat with heat! People who are blasting away the heat ... by enjoying exercise in this hot weather~
This summer is also expected to be really hot. ㅠㅠ
Heat~ Don't just avoid it! Let's make it a healthy and cool summer by working out. ^^
Not only is the rock climbing center at Daegu Sports Park easy to find because it's located near the Daegu World Cup Stadium! But also come and enjoy its various attractions~

Daegu World Cup Stadium Office : 053)602-2002
Hours : December~February 09:00~17:00 / March~November 09:00 ~ 18:00
Fee : For 2 hours per 1 time, Individual 2,000 won / Group 1,400 won / Monthly members 30,000 won

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Friday, June 21, 2013

[Daegu Good Road to Walk On] Hot summer~ Enjoy green nature at the Metasequoia forest road!

This summer.. can you imagine how hot Daegu will be again~~
Nonetheless! Heat~ psshh! It’ll be nothing if we blast it away! ^^
But where?
With the wind breezing~ a place filled with cool grass!
It’s none other than the Metasequoia forest road located at Hosan Neighborhood Park, Hosan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu~ ^^
This place was also selected as Daegu’s beautiful road in 2011.

This road, where a narrow but long and cozy Metasequoia forest road and Hosan Park are connected side by side, is the famous Metasequoia road in Daegu.
It’s already a place that is regarded as a good walking path for families and couples, and loved by photographers as a great place to take pictures!

Oh~ green Metasequoia tree~
Isn’t it so beautiful?

Don’t you just want to... grab a camera in one hand~ right now and go out to take photos?

Metasequoia forest road is also a great walking course! ~ try it out holding Mom’s hand~

Green forest~ Not only the trees but also the beautiful flowers planted around the park are attractions found only at this place ~ ^^
With family and friends ~ where you can immerse yourself in green nature and enjoy taking a stroll ~ Daegu Metaosequoia forest road ~

This coming summer~ let’s breathe cool air at Metasequoia forest road ~ and blast away the summer heat !! ^^ 

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[Daegu's Water Parks]This summer? Let's enjoy a cool time at the water park

Water park with cool waves~ and where one can even enjoy fun attractions!
Surely, don't you think you won't be able to say you enjoyed a proper summer vacation unless you make a visit to a water park this summer~ ?
Enjoy a cool summer vacation at Daegu's water parks this summer. ^^ 

Recommendation 1. Gachang Spa Valley

The Spa Valley located at Gachang-myeon, Dalsung-gun, Daegu. A place where one can enjoy health and leisure together with hot spring water! Even the elderlies love it because it has an outdoor pool and Korea medicine spa zone, hot spring, and even a sauna~
The water park also has various attractions so children and adults alike can all enjoy joyfully playing in water.
○ Contact : 053)608-5000

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Recommendation 2. Elybaden

Elybaden, a water park located at the center of Dalseo-gu, Daegu!
This place, where you can enjoy sulphur springs, which is considered the best among hot springs, is a unique water park at the center of the city where you can enjoy health and fun together. ^^ There is also a large bade pool for German style hydrotherapy, so it's a healthy water park where you can even receive hydrotherapy using water streams and air bubbles with various pressure in the water..
○ Contact :  053)644-7000

Recommendation 3. FunFun Beach

FunFun Beach, a water park at Gyeongsan where you can enjoy with family, loved ones, and friends!
Gyeongsan is~ also close to Daegu so one can easily and comfortably visit the place by riding the subway~ or even just the bus.
FunFun Beach, where you can enjoy various attractions and water activities! Enjoy cool water activities at FunFun Beach this summer vacation.~
○ Contact : 053)817-5541

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Sincheon Water Park About to Open] Outdoors water entertainment at Daegu? Sincheon Water Park and Geumho River Outdoors Water Park will open starting from July!

What’s the most typical geographical characteristic about Daegu? 
Yes, you’re right. It’s a basin.

Daegu, a city with no ocean.
Then, is it possible to enjoy outdoor water entertainments at Daegu? Or is it not? 
The answer is yes!!!!

A summer resort at the heart of Daegu, <Sincheon Water Park> is opening~
Sincheon is a stream that flows in the eastern region of Daegu.
With walking trails and exercise routes built, the park is loved extremely by the people of Daegu.
Every summer, Sincheon Outdoors Water Park, which washed away the sweat of Daegu citizens, has surely come again this year.

The park will be opening during the summer season, from July 6th to August 18th (Opening hours : 10AM ~7PM).

Lifeguards are a must to prevent safety accidents beforehand!
Also, for the convenience of visitors, a parking lot, locker rooms and restrooms, shades, parasols will be installed and even tap water will be supplied for free by the  city of Daegu. And how much does this all cost? It’s free!!
However, cooking is prohibited so please visit nearby restaurants.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We invite you to Daegu, the medical city, health city! The 13th International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo

In this humid~ and hot weather.. What is more important that anything else?
It’s your 'Health' !!
Body health is something that one may easily not pay attention to~ Are you taking care of yourself?

Today, we’d like to introduce you a healthy expo that will be held in Daegu. ^^
It’s the 2013 International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo!!

At this expo, there are medicine relate events in various fields such as Korea medicine, skin health, and beauty treatment.

The 13th International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo  
○ Period : 2013.6.21(Fri) ~ 23(Sun) / 3 days
○ Location : Daegu EXCO 1st floor exhibition hall
○ Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (17:00 on the last day)
○ Side Events :
- International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo side events
○ Traditional Korea medicine incense demonstration, Korea medicine care, Korea medicine pinda making
○ Natural Korea medicine dye painting & printing, natural Korea medicine dying
○ Free Korea Medicine examination and experience
○ Tasting of Korea medicine tea which is good for the body

The 13th International Traditional Korea Medicine Expo held at medicity Daegu!
This weekend~ we invite you ~ to this healthy expo. ^^

By the way! If you register as an attendee in advance~ right now~ you don’t need to pay the 3,000 won admissions fee~ and can enjoy the Korea Medicine Expo for free!! Please hurry and sign up. ^^

Saturday, June 15, 2013

[Daegu Food Tour Expo]Shall we go on a journey to find delicious food?

Who would say no to tasty food~
The Food Tour Expo where not only food from different countries around the world! But also various dishes that represent Daegu are waiting!!


See and taste delicious food~
Look~ after looking at those delicious looking foods,, how can you just pass by..
If you come to the event~ Not only do we have modern food! 

But also various foods that we used to eat in the past are displayed.

At the event, we saw a baker baking bread himself!
You could try a bite yourself and even purchase freshly baked bread at a cheap price.

Sizzle~ the smell of barbecue~


Wow~ is this food? Or is it art? Placing a story on food~ another form of art is created with food!

As expected! Our mothers are most interested in cooking~
We saw many of them who wandered around the expo,, thinking about what they should cook for their kids today~


Full of delicious ~ pretty~ and mouth-watering foods~ Come to Daegu for a delicious journey. ^^