Friday, May 31, 2013

[Igok Fountain Park] Be intoxicated by the fragrance of roses~ 2013 Family Rose Festival

Roses have at last fully blossomed into majestic beauty at the end of May!
You are gravely mistaken if you believe that all roses are red.
On May 25, the 2013 Family Rose Festival was held here in Daegu.

The most noticeable booth was the rose flower tea.
How can one resist? I stopped by for tasting.^^
In the next booth, people were busy with making rose soaps.
And in the magic rose booth, exotic roses were lining up the place.

Now, shall we see what flowers are bragging their beauty at the Rose Park?
First, there are over 100 breeds of roses planted here!
Let me introduce some unusual roses that you would not have seen.

“Blue moon” was the most unique and the prettiest of the roses I have observed.
“Hiogi” had a very pretty color. It had a strong fragrance and was large with thick stem.

In time for the blooming season, how about creating beautiful memories with your loved ones at the Rose Park this weekend?

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