Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good places in Daegu to go for an outing in May

It's May, the Family Month, and we recommend places in Daegu to go out with your family.

1. E·World
Consider it a recreation heaven for kids. E·World, a place filled with fun events and rides!
They've prepared plenty of performances and events for May, the Family Month.
Ride exciting rides~ Watch entertaining performances ^^
Of course, it'll be so much better with your children, right?
2. Herb Hillz
A small zoo where you can meet animal friends with herbs and an eco-adventure that will blow your stress away! Along with a performance with animal friends and even a hands-on experience using herbs! Spend a happy day with family at Herb Hillz in May! ^^
3. Daegu Arboretum
How about spending Children's Day at the Arboretum where you can enjoy the blue nature with spring flagrance?
A place perfect for exploring nature and teaching kids about plants!
Bring a mat and a tasty lunch box~ and come out with your family!! ^^
4. Daegu Duryu Park
Daegu's classic park where culture, performances, and even sports facilities are prepared!
Rent a bike and have a blast riding around the park!
A delicious picnic outside on a mat at the outdoors concert hall ~
And of course, wouldn't it be fun to enjoy soccer or baseball with your kid at the Duryu baseball field?
with your children, right?

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