Friday, May 31, 2013

[Events at Daegu in June] Hot June event news at Daegu!

June signals the beginning of hot summer.
Keeping up with its reputation as the city of festivals, Daegu has plenty of festivals and events lined up in the month of June ^^


One. The 4th Daegu Flower Show

Variety of flowers from wildflowers to water plants and succulent plants are gathered again for the 4th anniversary of the Daegu Flower Show. Join us for a “healing trip” with flowers that lasts for 5 days at the Daegu EXCO. ^^

 Date and time: 2013. 6. 5 (Wed.) ~ 9 (Sun.) / 10:00 ~ 18:00
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Events: Daegu Flower Design Competition, gardening lectures and demonstrations, florist demonstration, a small musical concert amidst the flowers,
- Fee: on-site purchase: Individual (Adult 6,000 won, Students (4 years old to middle school student) 5,000 won) / Group (Adult 5,000 won, Students 4,000 won  / over 10 persons)
- Contact number: 053)601-5064
- Official homepage :

Two. The 12th Daegu Food Tour Expo & Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition

A festival of taste! All the dishes representing Daegu at one event!
The 12th Daegu Food Tour Expo will be held at Daegu EXCO, from June 13th to 16th. ^^ 

- Date and time: 2013.6.13. (Thu.) ~ 16 (Sun.)
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Main exhibitions: Total of 12 exhibitions including Noodle special exhibition, Lotus food exhibition, Daegu 10 Dishes special exhibition, History of Packed Lunch exhibition, Exhibition of temple, oriental, seasonal, and fermented food, Detoxified food exhibition, Healing food exhibition, Table decoration exhibition, and Kids’ cooking exhibition
- Contact number: 053)601-5455
- Official homepage:

Three. Daegu International Musical Festival

The Korea’s only international musical “Daegu International Musical Festival” is back!

- Date and time: 2013. 6. 15. (Sat.) ~ 7. 8 (Mon.)
- Location: Major concert halls and other areas around Daegu
- Main programs: official events, invited musicals, presentation of supported works, DIMP University Musical Festival, DIMP Fringe Festival, various other events such as DIMP in DIMP and seminars
- Contact number: 053)622-1945
- Official homepage:

Four. The 13th Korean Oriental Medicine Expo & Daegu MediExpo
Oriental medicine industry to the world and to the future! Daegu, the city of western and oriental medicine!

The 13th Korean Oriental Medicine Expo begins from June 21st at Daegu EXCO.
- Date and time:  2013. 6. 21 (Fri.) ~ 23 (Sun.)
- Location: 1st floor of Daegu EXCO
- Exhibitions: Natural drugs and medicinal herbs exhibition,

Medicinal herb exhibition, oriental medicine hospital and doctors exhibition, health and medical instrument exhibition, oriental health food exhibition,
institution and organization exhibition, experience halls
- Contact number: 053)810-0240
- Official homepage:

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