Monday, May 27, 2013

Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town ring making experience!

Where can you have a unique experience in Daegu?
A place where not only all kinds of jewelry products are gathered, but also a fun, unique experience awaits you! It's Fashion Jewelry Town.

This place has it all, from a jewelry museum, jewelry experience center, media room, seminar room, seminars on the jewelry industry, and even an estimation analysis room.

Also! There is a 'Make Your Own Ring' event that one can experience only at the Fashion Jewelry Town.

For 10,000 won per person, you can make your own ring! Requires at least 5 people so it's recommended to make reservations in advance. ^^

Along with silver rings, various experience programs such as traditional Seven Treasures craft making, table clock making, and key chain making are prepared~

Things to prepare for making your own ring!
Hammer, sand paper, and a mysterious lump of metal~ These are what you need to make a ring.

This short bar is a 92.5% silver bar. Because 99.9% pure silver can be easily bent, 92.5% silver is normally used in silver rings.
After rolling the silver bar on a long piece of metal,

tap it strongly using a wooden hammer so that the ends meet.
Afterwards, we go through the process of brightening the silver ring.

And finally! After brightening and washing the ring with a machine, your own silver ring will be completed!

Make a precious memory with someone you love and take back home a token for just the two of you!
Enjoy a different experience at Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town. ^^

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