Monday, May 27, 2013

Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival/ Celebrating the 2013 Together Day, the 6th Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival!

The hot scene of 'Happy companionship with people around the world'!
A festival to foster a multicultural society where people from various ethnicities and cultures understand each other and coexist!
We visited the <Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival>.


- Part 1 Together Day ceremony
The opening event that passes through the 2.28 Memorial Park, a garden within the city.
Starting with the Colorful Welcome Parade, the festival was initiated amongst the joyous pungmul sound by 'Goripae'.

After the pledge of allegiance and memorial speech on the main stage, we made 'Happiness rice balls' full of vegetables of various colors and shape.

 A really colorful event was going on at the Fringe stage!

The event where people sprayed various painting powder at each other was a dynamic event that made one actively participate rather than merely watching.


- Part 2 Festival
The festival was composed of an eventful and exciting platform with three themes, 'Fun', 'Taste', and 'Joy'.

Especially, the hands-on experiences at the Welcome Festival was very nice.


In addition, one could make flowerpots, traditional Korean paper, and balloons and even face painting which children love to do was available.

The scene of the fun festival where we learn that despite our differences in culture and ethnicity, we are ultimately all 'one'!
This was Colorful Daegu Welcome Festival with excitement and fun, taste and joy. ^^

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