Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Buksung-ro Tool Museum] Japanese colonialera_ The transformation of the rice granary at Daegu Buksung-ro!

Daegu, a city famous for its streets. Makchang Street, Anjirang Gopchang Street, Guje Street, Yasi Street, Wolf Street, Jin Street ... Streets that hidden all around Daegu~

While there are so~ many streets in Daegu

By any chance, have you ever heard about Buksung-ro Tool Street?
‘Buksung-ro’, which represents Daegu Industrial Tool Street, encompasses a massive area that includes not only this place but also Seoseongro, Seoya-dong, Ingyo-dong, Seomun-ro, Sijangbungno, Suchang-dong, and Taepyeong-ro.

There was news that a tool museum that preserves this history will be founded.
'Buksung-ro Tool Museum', which represents Buksungro Tool Street, has finally opened its gates. ^^

Buksung-ro Tool Street, located at 19, Taepyeong-ro 2-ga, Buksung-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu.

The first floor of the tool museum, which revived a building that was used as a rice granary in the 1930s, is consisted of ‘The Craftsman’s Room’, which reproduced the workspace of a Tool Street technician, and a space where you can experience 'Crafts DIY'.

And what awaits us when we go upstairs? A craftsman’s room at the time is displayed.
An antique telephone, a safe, and even a desk.. isn’t it decorated so realistically?

Here, admiring how the technicians uniquely organized their tools with different methods is expressed adds to the fun. ^^

The second floor preserves the original form of a tatami room and will be used as a educational space where seminars can be held.

The Tool Museum, where you can see the history of Buksung-ro Tool Street at a glance. We hope it matures into a unique attraction of Daegu. ^^

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