Monday, April 29, 2013

Walk along to the third course of 'Olle Road' in Daegu!

We have been to course No.3 of 'Olle Road' in Buinsa after course No.2 last time.

The 'Olle road' in Buinsa is a very great place for walking in the spring and fall.
You also see the whole view of the rural villages.

The 'Olle Road', which is filled with the scent of spring~!

If you pass by Gongsan Elementary School and reach Dangsan, Yongsoodong, you can see Yongsoo Lake.

Also, if you walk along this road to Pagaesa, you can arrive in Buinsa Temple.

This is a really awesome walk.

Exercise, great view of the rural area, and places you can relax!

You can see this only on the 'Olle Road' in Daegu.
You should ask your family, friends, or your love ones to walk here before the summer comes.

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