Monday, April 22, 2013

The story of apple trees in Daegu

Dongsan Hospital which is in the center of downtown Daegu.
If you go to the Switzer house which was built with red bricks on the Cheongra
Hill, you can find one big apple tree and three small apple trees in the garden.
These are the trees from the first western style apple tree which was designated as a nurse tree on Oct.19th, 2000 in Korea.
Woodbridge O. Johnson, the first director of Donsan Hospital and also a missionary, brought apple trees from the state of the Missouri and planted them around the hospital and the company housing.
These trees are the progenitor of the 114 years history of the apples in Daegu.
Also it consolidated the foundation as a symbol of this city.

From that time onward, Daegu reminds everyone of apples and apples always remind everyone of the City of Daegu.
Daegu had 80% of the whole country's apple output in the early 1960's.

People probably think of the modern period and industrialization at the time of these apple trees.
You can see the history of apples in Korea , here in Daegu.

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