Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's go to 'the 16th Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival'!

Fresh air, and a thick forest!
A famous festival of Biseul Mountain in Daegu.

The 16th Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival will be held this coming May at Biseul Mountain, Daegu.

Festival Outline
Theme :  Backnyun Dalseong will be dyed Weyrichii.
Time : May. 1. 2013 ~ May. 8 . 2013
Place : Biseul Mountain Recreaton Forest
Events: Biseul Mountain ritual for the mountain spirit, opening ceremony (Insooni opening performance), There will be a Weyrichii singing contest (MC: Song Hae), and a Closing Ceremony
Cultural Events: Opening Ceremony, Cultural Art Performace, Bubble Magic Show, and a Weyrichii singing contest
Experience Field : Weyrichii Bibimbop, Weyrichii Natural Dyeing, Caricature, Nail Art, Balloon Art
Dalseong Artists Festival: Dalseong Pungmulmadang, Dalseong Dance Performance, Weyrichii Goldenbell.
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There are many varieties of exciting events for one week.
So come to the Biseul Mountain Weyrichii Festival and enjoy all the events!

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