Monday, April 8, 2013

Guendae Alley Course 2 - Daegu Modern Hertiage Alley Tour/ Kyesan Cathedral/ Jin Alley


 Awarded the 2012 Korea Tourism Awards Star and one of the country's representing tourist destination Daegu  Geundae Alley !
Enjoying the spring sun, I visited the Modern Alley tour!

It is the number 2 course of Daegu Joong-gu alley tour, the Guendae Heritage Alley.
It starts at the Dongsan Seonkyo Missionary house.

After passing the missionary house and following the wall of the Jaeil Church.
It will take you to the street of the March First Independence Movement, referred to as  '90 Stairs'
On the walls of this street, photos of the independence movement are displayed.
After walking down the March First Independence Movement street you will see Kyesun Cathedral.

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Isn't it a magnificent sight?
Again following Daegu's history moving behind the cathedral

The national debt redemption movement street where the historic houses of movement leader Sangdon Seo and poet Sanghwa Lee are located.
The historic house was the base of  Sangdon Seo, the man who was at the center of the movement, and it carries the heritage of the past. 

Across from this house is the house of the poet Sanghwa Lee, and it still displays the original furnishings of the house.

Another point of interest is the Kyesan Art Street.
The street is decorated with displays of the history of Korea's artists.

Next course is the Jin Alley located in Daegu Jongro!
Meaning 'a long alley', Jin Alley can be find beside Joongang Cinema.

Corresponding to its long history, you will find old buildings and walls along this street
In the center of Daegu, A chance to experience the heritage through this alley tour
Daegu Modern Heritage Alley is highly recommended.

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