Monday, April 1, 2013

The streets of Daegu is a great place for a stroll with the scent of spring flowers

Do you know that?
Daegu has many beautiful roads for walking with flowering plants.

This great day, we will recommend the best spring trails in Daegu.
In case of cherry blossoms, you can enjoy until second week in April.  

Kang Jeong Goryung Street 

Follow the Nak Dong river that connects to the Kang Jeong Goryung street, one of Daegu's best spring trails.
Address: Daegu Dalsung-gun Dasa-eup Jukgok-ri 806
Transportation: Daegu subway line 2 Daesil Station Sungseo 2
Local POIs: Dalsung wetlands, Macheon Mountain, Gyemyung University

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Duryu Park
Famous location for cherry blossoms in Daegu!
Address: Daegu Dalseo-gu Duryu 3dong 588-2
Local POIs: E World, Outdoor Music Square, Art and Culture museum, Apsan Park

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Shincheon riverside
This place is filled with cherry blossoms!
Address: Daegu Buk-gu Chilsung-dong 1Ga 276
Local POIs: Chilsung Market, Kyung-buk University, Suseong pond, EXCO, Daegu public sports park

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Gyeong-buk Provincial Office Falling Flower Hill

In front of the Kyung-buk Provincial Office, the name comes from the falling flowers on the hills
Address: Daegu Buk-gu Sankyuk-dong across from Gyeong-buk Provincial Office
Local POIs: Shincheon riverside, Kyung-buk university, EXCO, Daegu public sports park, Suseong pond

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Palgong Mountain
Famous location for cherry blossoms! This place cannot be missed! Palgong Mountain!
This spring! Palgong Mountain will host its cherry blossom festival on April 12th~16th, be sure not to miss it
Address: Daegu Dong-gu Yongsu-dong 36
Local POIs: Gatbawi, Sutaegol, Donghwasa, Daegu Citizen Safety Theme Park

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