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Hidden place in Daegu : Suseong Pond

Tourist attraction in Daegu : A hidden story of Suseong Pond

Suseong pond is filled with taste and stylishness! This is popular place to dating or for a walk.

However, do you know that one Japanese man made the effort for this place to become one of the best tourist attractions in Daegu and a great rest place for all the residents here?

It was 1914, the Japanese occupation period, there was a man who emigrated from Japan.

His name was Mizusaki Lintaro.

He settled in Daegu with his family. He lived the life of a farmer, building, growing flowers-the flowers from his garden sold in Seoul and were exported to Manchuria-and raising fruit. 

At that time, Daegu had a series of floods, droughts, and other natural disasters at that time, so a large number of farmers had been affected. Therefore Mizusaki Lintaro decided to widen Suseong Pond to obtain the irrigation water.

At first, he went to meet the Gyungbook National Governor who was Japanese. But the governor refused his proposal.

Then Mizusaki Lintaro went to the Japanese Government General of Korea. He got permission after his persistent persuasion, and the construction was started with the support fund and his personal posessions. 

In October 30th, 1925, Suseong pond finally had completed what looks like now.

Mizusaki Lintaro worked at Suseong Pond as the general manager until he died in 1939.
He left in his will that he wanted to be buried in a Korean style tomb overlooking Suseong Pond.

According to his wishes, you can find his tomb on the hill behind Suseong Pond.

This is Mizusaki Lintaro's grave.

Isn't it interesting of the new look of Suseong pond?

This is not the only one.

Another tourist attraction is 'Yeonleegee' which is called the 'Love Tree'.
'Yeonleegee' is a tree which looks like one, but they are actually two, Their branches and trunks got tangled with each other.

Visit here if you are lovers or a couple.
'Yeonleegee' at Suseong Pond helps your love to be forever.

Another story which is hidden at Suseong Pond are the 'Love Locks'. If you go to the Waterside Tech Park, you can see lots of locks on the safety lines. All the locks have beautiful confesssion of love from many couples. The locks which have stories and wishes are hanging in a corner of Suseong Pond.

Suesong Pond is where various stories are hidden from the Choseon Dynasty to present!
Why don't you visit Suseong Pond and feel the beautiful nature with your lovers?

▣ Suseong Pond

-Getting Here
        By Bus : 400, 449, 604 (stop on terminal across from Suseong Land)
                     401, 410 (stop on the terminal in front of Suseong Pond)
        By Subway : Take the number 2 subway and get off the subway at Beomuh station.
                           Go out to the Exit 3 and get on the bus No.1 to Gachang or bus No.814

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