Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gukbop- One of the ten greatest foods in Daegu.

Looking for the most delicious Gukbop place in Daegu.
we recommends this place to everyone.

Restaurant 'Jingalbi'
This is one of the first beef rib restaurant, which is located in Seomoon Market.
It is not only the first one, but also is famous for the old traditional style food.

- Address : 154-9, Sijangbukro, Jungu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-255-3740

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Restaurant 'Gukil Saenggalbi'
Yukgaejang is a hot spicy meat stew at this restaurant.
It is beyond comparison, especially the taste of the soup that is boiled with bracken, taro, green onion and beef.

- Address : 106, Dongsandong, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-252-3740

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Restaurant 'Masan'
This place you can taste Goryung Market style SSiracgukbop (rice with soup made with dried raddish greens)!
It is a recommendable meal after your spring picnic, because the restaurant is just next to Gyungsanggamyoung Park.

- Address : 21-3, Pojungdong, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-253-6304

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Restaurant 'Onchungol Gamasot Gukbop'
Have you ever heard the old saying 'if water tastes good then the food also tastes good'?
Here's the restaurant where the 'Beef Gukbop' is very famous because they use special water for this Gukbop.

- Address : 470-8, Chunnaeri, Hwawoneub, Dalsunggun, Daegu
- Ph : 053-641-9988

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Restaurant 'Manchon Somunnan Gukbop'
There are many special kinds of Gukbop in this restaurant such as Gukbop (boiled rice served in soup), Taro Gukbop (served soup and rice separately), Sundae Gukbop and Naejang Gukbop (Pigs intestine in Gukbop).

 - Address : 1018-11, Manchon2 dong, Suseonggu, Daegu
 - Ph : 053-755-4511

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Restaurant 'Chamhanwoogalbi'
Old traditional style Beef Gukbop boiled in a cauldro!
Special sauce from Young Yang, Chang Young and Eui Seong.

- Address : 1023, Dowondong, Dalseogu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-632-4936

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Restaurant 'Yetjip'
'Yukgaejang', which is cooked by the owner of this restaurant. The owner, an old lady uses the soy sauce which she makes herself.

- Address : 120-2, Sijangbukro, Jungu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-554-4498

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Restaurant 'Masan Seolleongtang'
Seollongtang (stock soup of bone and stew meat)!
Once you taste it, you can't forget this food.

- Address : 12, Daeahndong, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 254.4317 

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Restaurant 'Old cauldron beef Gukbop'
Special 'Gukbop' (beef and fair quality of green onion in soup) is really tasty.

- Address : 253-4, Suseong3ga, Suseonggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-752-5454

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Restaurant 'Jingolmok'
This place has been famous for the taste of hot and spicy Gukbop.

- Address : 66-5, Jongro2ga, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-253-3757

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