Friday, March 22, 2013

Filled with the scent of spring, Daegu Bullo Flower Garden Complex

Forsythias, cherry blossoms, dandelions, rape flowers, pansies, magnolias, daffodils, tulips..

What do these flowers have in common?

They all blossom in spring!
What kind of flowers do you like?

Today, in welcoming the spring season, we visit the Bullo Flower Garden Complex that is main flower garden complex in Daegu. :)

Warm season is back and for those who considered adding a potted plant in the house! This place will meet your expectations!!

The Bullo Flower Garden Complex is situated before the entrance into Palgong Mountain, and it is a large scale flower complex that represents the city of Daegu. It began in 1980 when farmers started a flower cultivation business in the area. Shortly after, flower cultivation started to increase in volume, eventually making the complex the center of distribution. Currently about 70% of the area’s farmers are cultivating and distributing trees, flowers, and flowering plants.

This place is also popular for parents to bring their children to experience its flower diversity. 

The scent of spring flowers pouring out of the entrance of the flower complex.
Can you feel it?

The streets were filled with flower, welcoming me to the spring season.

The soft spring winds and the scent of flowers it carries.. Good! 

The elegant colors of the pansies, the dandelions, aren’t they a beautiful sight?
The Bullo Flower Garden Complex boasts the largest production of flowering plants which constitute approximately 60% of the entire Gyeongnam area market, making it one of their main products.  

On both sides of the road you can see spring flowers that has been precisely cultivated into the flower complex by the farmers, that welcomes all visitors. 
Can you smell the beautiful flowers?

The flower complex’s greenhouse was also filled with spring flowers!
Anyway you turn your head you will be surrounded by flowers, and its diversity unparalleled !

Look at the luscious colors!

What did you think?

It is certainly an eye cleaner right?

The Bullo Flower Garden Complex is right on your way from the Daegu International Airpot to Palgong Mountain, making it a convenient tourist destination as well.

Before climbing the Palgong Mountain, visit the Bullo Flower Garden Complex for the sweet scent of Spring. :)

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