Monday, April 1, 2013

Check out the diverse events opening in April

In April, Daegu will host various events, we will pinpoint and introduce the best among them.

1. 10th Green Energy Expo
One of the top ten internationally recognized solar energy convention, the International Green Energy Expo is Asia's top renewable energy exhibition and conference.  

- Date: 2013 April 3rd (Wed) ~ April 5th (Fri) / 3 Days
- Location:  Daegu EXCO exhibit hall (1st, 3rd, 5th floor), 

                  Outdoor courtyard convention hall
       * There will be free shuttle service to EXCO from Seoul.
         (Participation Request -> My page -> Free shuttle bust request)
       * The free shuttle service from Dong-Daegu Station can be used without prior reservation.
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2. 13th Daegu Architecture Exhibition
At the Daegu Architecture Exhibition, new products for house/construction materials are available for viewing and  you can receive information on new methods of construction.

- Date: 2013 April 11th (Thurs) ~ April 14th (Sun)
- Location: Daegu EXCO (1st Floor- Hall 2 and 3)
- Exhibition items: Construction material, furniture and interior, housing construction,

                            digital home, landscape, public facilities and etc
- Admission:  Individual 3,000WON / Groups (20 or more) 2,000WON
                   * Prior online registrants and by invitation is free admission

- Contact : 053-601-6810
- Homepage:

3. 11th Daegu Gyeongbuk International Tourism Exhibition
- Date: 2013 April 11th (Thurs) ~ April 14th (Sun) / 4 Days
- Location: Gyeong-Ju World Culture Expo Square
- Formal Event: Opening ceremony, welcome party, closing ceremony, 

                        foreign participant familiarization tour
- Special Event: Performance, Istanbul-Gyeong-ju Wold Culture Expo Festival, Gyeong-ju international tourism seminar and etc
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4. 12th Daegu International Optical Show
- Date: 2013 April 17th (Wed) ~ April 19th (Fri)/ 3 Days
- Location: Daegu EXCO
- Items: Rims, sunglasses, 3D glasses, lens, contact lens, reading glasses, 

                      sports goggles, optical testing equipment, cases and other accessories
     * Prior online registration allows immediate entrance
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