Monday, March 4, 2013

[Blogger Journalists Recruitment] The 1st press corps the Daegu Tourism

We recruit university student bloggers for the 1st press corps the Daegu Tourism.

Attention!  We let all the international students and foreign students who live in Daegu know about this recruitment.

If you become a member of the 1st press corps, you can visit and experience all the beautiful places and cultural festivals in person. And you also can report all about this to others. Don’t you want to boast about what you have seen and experienced in this city to other tourists?

Besides, you have an opportunity to get an award at the end of the year.

If you have passion and love for this city, you are always welcome to this job.
Fill out the application form and e-mail us here mail by Mar 17th.
(The application download here -> Click)

And there is a big secret, we have a special favor for international students and exchange students who live in Daegu.

You should hurry!


Irfan said...

Sounds great !!

visitdaegu2011 said...

Yeah! it's for you!! :)