Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Artistic and Cultural city 'Daegu' ! 'Daegu Art Factory' in Soochangdong

Daegu is an artistic and cultural city.
Are you looking for unique attractions in Daegu?
Are you interested in Art?

Today, Daegu Tourism Blog has been at the 'Daegu Art Factory'.
'Daegu Art Factory : in Soochangdong' has been processed from Mar.8th in 2013 to April,28th in 2013.
You can not miss this place if you want to visit some great places in Daegu.
Why don't you look through the Daegu Art Factory with the Daegu Tourism Blog?

The interior in Daegu Art Factory is very unique and distinctive.
Get on the elevator and get off at the 5th floor, then take a look at each floor as you descend.

Let's start on the 5th floor.

Each room has artwork which is part of a 'networking project' there. You can get a sense of each individual artist as you view their collaborative works.

The 4th floor also has very attractive things that you can see.

There is an 'exhibition linked forums' on this floor.
The featured exhibitions are 'Performance Talk', 'Artist Talk', and 'Photographic Image Workshop' at specific times. This is a place where the theme 'descriptive imaginative future' is remodeled by daily necessity and multimedia devices.

There is another floor which offers the exhibit ' Daegu Dance 60 years in pictures'.
You can see all the performance programs of dancers in Daegu city.

Now, on to the second floor.

This level is decorated like an art museum with the theme 'Fantasy - will be there'. You will be wowed by this place because of the cybertic space even the floor.

There's a library called 'Mangweundang' next to the staircases. There are books that are recommended from experts in each field and donated by people. You can find books various topics like architecture, art, music, movies, and musicals.

n the 1st floor, you will find the artistic creation room for all the versatile artists.

All of the artwork is filled with passion and sense of artists here in 'Daegu Art Factory'.
We strongly recommend the 'Daegu Art Factory' to everyone.

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