Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Event] Winners Announcement from Daegu Travel's New Year Event !

Daegu Travel's New Year Event!
Winners Announcement!

The winners list of Daegu Travel's New Year Event is out!
Congratulations to all winners and thank you everyone for your participation.

We will collect winners' personal information (Address, Phone number, Name) by January 25th! If you have won the prize, please check your Facebook message and provide us with the information we need by January 25th.

Press Ctrl+F and Enter your name or part of your name to find your name the easy way.

Aaron Kirkland
Alex A-che
Angela Rey
Annie Hyde
Ashley Ozery
Asif Quadri
Ché Upton
Chris Anderson
Fernan Santos
Gracie Potenciano
Jen Taylor
Jenny Hawkins
Jessica Steele
Kyle Tan
Melinda Szappanyos
Muhammad Hamka
Pheana S. Bronh
Rebecca Tucker
Soh Eliz

※ Click the link below to see the event page.

    : http://visitdaegu2011.blogspot.kr/2013/01/2013-new-year-event.html

※ Click the link below to see the detailed information of the calendar. 

     You can also download the calendar and print if you want. 
    : http://visitdaegu2011.blogspot.kr/2012/12/2013-daegu-landscape-photography.html

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