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[Tour] Souvenir Shops in Daegu

Souvenir Shops in Daegu

Don't you know where to buy souvenirs in Daegu? I prepared souvenir shop information for those who want to know where to buy and what to buy in Daegu when they travel around Korea. Check this out!

   Yangnyeongsi Display Shops


As a souvenir shop located in DaeguYangryeongsi (south of Oriental Medicine Museum), you can purchase souvenirs and specialties of Daegu such as handicrafts and oriental herb products of Yakryeongsi. Craft Experience Hall is prepared on the third floor of this building to provide experience on pottery and traditional Korean paper craft.

   ● Items: Woodcraft, pottery, red ginseng, traditional Korean paper craft, and fiber products 
   ● Hours: 10:00AM ~ 8:00PM (Closure: Sundays)
   ● Contact: Tel. 053) 424-4020 

   Daegu Tour Information Center Souvenir Shop


As a shop located on the 1st floor of Daegu Tour Information Center within DaeguDuryu Park, the shop was launched during 2000 to sell representative woodcraft, pottery, traditional Korean paper craft, metal craft, and fiber craft products as well as tourist souvenirs and Daegu co-brand Chimeric.

   ● Items: Woodcraft, pottery, traditional Korean paper craft, metal craft,fiber craft, red ginseng, and Daegu co-brand Chimeric
   ● Hours: 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM
   ● Contact: Tel. 053) 626-6133 

   Yeongdo Daeum

YoungdoDaum is the first professional velvet culture space in the world established by Youngdo Velvet, the world’s largest velvet manufacture company. With gross surface area of 1,300 square meters on the 1st and 3rd floors underground, YoungdoDaum displays and sells various products developed by Youngdo Velvet such as velvet fashion clothes, bags, scarves, and beddings. Velvet Experience Center and Education Center are also available Velvet products, clothes, etc.

   ● Items: available Velvet products, clothes
   ● Contact: Tel. 053) 710-3700 


There are famous shopping streets in Dongseongno, Daegu called Rode street and Yasigolmok street.

Yasigolmok is a small alley lined with clothing stores. This alley provides unique and trendy clothing at low prices, being brought in directly from Seoul's Dongdaemun or Namdaemun Markets. This alley also features various bars, karaoke bars, and cafes.

Rodeo Street is a street of youth that is also lined with various clothing shops, famous restaurants and bars. There are many people for shopping during the day, on the other hand, the street swarms with young people who enjoy meeting people and drinking during the night. This is a good place to feel an atmosphere of youth in Daegu.

   ● Items: Cosmetic products, clothing, accessories, etc. 

   Seomun Market

Seomun Market was originally specialized in textile products, and has expanded to include almost any product imaginable – from textiles to small livestock. The atmosphere is bustling and the people are friendly, making it an exciting place to spend an afternoon. The market has thermostats and parking lots to make you visit more enjoyable.

   ● Items: Traditional crafts, accessories, Hanbok(traditional Korean clothing), furnishings, etc.

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Is there any street market like those in Indonesia and Malaysia where there are small shops of all kinds, from selling clothes to food to shoes to literally anything? And they're very crowded, always bustling with sweating people??