Monday, January 28, 2013

[Exhibition] National Daegu Museum's special exhibition

Ancient Woodenware
from the Seongsan Fortress, Haman

National Daegu Museum is holding a special exhibition that displays a variety of wooden tablets and wooden crafts discovered within the Seongsan Fortress eastern wall. The exhibition is free and it will last until February 17th.

[Ancient Woodenware
from the Seongsan Fortress, Haman]

   Period: 2012. 12. 11 ~ 2013. 02. 17

   Closed Every Monday
   Venue: National Daegu Museum special exhibition hall1
   Open hour: weekdays 9:00am~ 6:00pm weekends 9:00am~7:00pm 
   Admission: Free 

Archaeological investigations of Haman Seongsan Fortress have been conducted on an annual basis since 1991 by the Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage. Based on its structure, exterior-wall-reinforcing structures and excavated artifacts, these efforts have reveled Haman Seongsan Fortress to be a stone fortress originating from the Three Kingdoms period. Not only the largest number of ancient wooden tablets bearing inscriptions even found in Korea, but also diverse woodenwares, have been excavated from Haman Seongsan Fortress. Wooden tablets with calligraphic inscriptions constitute precious research materials, while the agricultural implements excavated alongside them offer valuable insight into lifestyle of Korea’s ancient people.

The Daegu National Museum and the Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage are jointly holding an exhibition on the wooden crafts excavated from the Seongsan Fortress in order to shed light on ancient Korean lifestyles under the theme of ‘Ancient Woodenware from the Seongsan Fortress, Haman’.

The exhibition displays a variety of wooden tablets and wooden crafts discovered within the Seongsan Fortress eastern wall. Woodenwares have been familiar implements in everyday life from the prehistoric times, but because of their characteristic of easily corroding, unlike pottery and ironwares, they have not attracted much attention and have not been actively studied.

However, a large number of wooden objects of diverse types were excavated from the Seongsan Fortress, enabling us to hold this exhibition. We hope that this exhibition will provide the momentum for a new recognition and awareness of Korea’s ancient woodenware culture. We also hope that significant research on woodenwares will be activated, leading to the restoration of Korea’s ancient ways of life.

There are other exhibitions going on in the museum that you can look around and you can also buy some souvenirs from the souvenir shop located on the first floor. Make your time for visiting the museum and have a peaceful and educational daytime with your friends or family.


  How to get there?

  ● Address: 321 Cheongho-ro (70 Hwanggeum-dong), Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Kore

  ● Bus
    : 100, 100-1, 349, 414, 414-1, 427, 449, Suseong1, Suseong1-1, Circle3, Circle3-1

  ● Subway
    : Take  subway line2 and get off at Manchon Station and take exit 3. Transfer to one of a bus above.

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