Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Tour] Daegu's authentic souvenirs

Authentic souvenirs from Daegu, Korea!

What do you want to take home from Korea for your friends and family? How about considering Daegu Tourist Souvenir Contest’s winners’ products? Daegu Tourist Souvenir Contest is held every year to develop souvenirs symbolizing Daegu with consideration on different tastes of tourists visiting Daegu. Tourist souvenirs will help you keep your memoris in Daegu with diverse themes and cultures such as 350-year tradition “Yakryeongsi,” “Daegu Modern Alley” selected as the star of Korean tourism and great “Palgong Mountain” of Korea.

  Scarf and necktie made of traditional Korean paper thread

Scarf and necktie made of traditional Korean paper thread

 ● Price: 6,000~35,000 won
 ● Korea Craft and Design Foundation (Traditional Korean Paper Craft)
 ● Website: www.hanjiworld.org

  Lotus of Daegu

Interior prop and multi-purpose rack

 ● Price : 100,000 won per product 
 ● Pottery Soso

  Bag Set Made of Traditional Korean Thread with Colorful Daegu as Motif


Used eco-friendly materials and cowhide weaving technique

 ● Price:10,000~200,000 won per product
 ● Hommage Co., Ltd. (Fiber Craft)


  Scent of Apple Blossom

Apple-shaped bag hanger using enamel technique

 ● Price: 25,000 won per product
 ● JeongHyeonMi (Enamel Craft)

  Office Supplies with Lotus as Motif

Office supplies with lotus as motif. Used white clay and celadon

 ● Price: 15,000~30,000 won per product
 ● Dodam Craft (Pottery)

  Lovebird and Scenery

Door hanger with clear ringing sound

 ● Price: 60,000 won per product 
 Gyeongbuk Brass (Brass)


  Self-protection Whistle Using Mortar

Self-protection Whistle Using Mortar

 ● Price: 200,000 won per product 
 ● Ina Woodcraft (Woodcraft)

  Colorful Daegu Plate Set


Wood molded using special processing technique

 ● Price: 10,000~40,000 won per product
 ● Daerim Woodcraft (Woodcraft)
 ● Website: www.dl.co.kr

  Past and Present of Daegu


Souvenir grafting Daegu with Athletics Championships

 ● Price: 5,000~30,000 won per product 
 Yeonhwa Art Center (Pottery)

  Tourist souvenir design of Palgong Mountain with bar Patterns

 ● Price: 15,000~250,000 won per product 
 ● Shin and Kim Design (Metal Craft)

* For purchasing of souvenirs and inquiries about companies,
  Please contact Daegu and Gyeongbuk Handcrafts Cooperative, 053 - 626 - 6131.

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