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[Exhibition] Daegu Art Museum’s January Exhibition

Daegu Art Museum’s January Exhibition


CHOI Byung-So
December 20. 2012. ~ February 17. 2013
CHOI Byung-So


Based in Daegu, CHOI Byung-So(1943-) has played a pivotal role in Daegu Contemporary Art Festival (during 1970s) which is evaluated as a centripetal force of Korean Contemporary Art Movement. Since the mid-70s, CHOI has shown his unique methodology, utilizing newspapers as the material of his work. When it comes to the content of his work, CHOI has shown the spirit of avant-garde, the aim of contemporary art, as he draws lines on the newspaper to erase its content, containing various scenes of times in the compressed form of human life. CHOI’s works, on the same track as contemporary art, demonstrate the practice of self-reflection. He expresses his idea about creation as repetitive discipline-like labor, and the desire to attain the essence of the art, while abstracting colors and images.

CHOI’s works represent heartbreaking sorrow to the extent to be torn, a reflection of the times, or sometimes the artist himself. CHOI’s methodology is derived from the process of seeking for the most proper creating method, evaluated as one of the most impressive works in the history of Korean monochrome. This is the reason that Daegu Art Museum invites CHOI Byung-So, who has been persistently grasping his unique methodology, while preoccupying an important status in the history of Korean art, for the last exhibition of the year 2012.

CHOI has been combining the commonplace(ready-made) with creative activity, producing denatured products through integrating each material (newspaper, ballpoint pen, pencil). He constructs his own art world with a unique drawing method, so called ‘drawing and erasing.’ In this exhibition, we introduce his new works, proceeding in the same context mentioned above, to explore his consistent and persevering attitude and methodology of creation. Standing at a point in the 21st century, devoted to advancement and spectacle, we want to ask the question: Where does the authenticity of artist come from? Each of five rooms comprising the exhibition is designed for spectators to speculate on what the artist has been consistently concerned and pursuing, and to feel the dignity of CHOI’s works, once he mentioned as "slow but persevere."

<Courtesy of Daegu Art Museum>

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 ● Viewing hours

   - April to October (10AM ~ 7PM)
   - November to March of Following Year (10AM ~ 6PM)
   - Off Days (Every Monday)
If a national holiday falls on Monday, the museum will be open but closed the following day.

 ● Viewing Rate

   - Children and Teenagers (7~19), Soldiers Individual: 700 Won / Group(20 or more): 500 Won
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Free shuttle bus to the museum is available every 30 minutes at exit 5 of Daegu Grand Park Station on line2.

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   - 604: Seolhwaodng-Seobu Bus Stop-Nambu Pilice Station, Beommuldong-Daegu Art Hall-Donghodong
   - 403: Joyadong-Suseonggyo-Beommuldong-Front of Daedeok Village-Samdeokdong-Stadium-Sawoldong

   ※ 10 minutes on foot after getting off at Front of Daedeok Village or Samdeokdong Bus Stop
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