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[Event] 2013 festivals and events in Daegu

2013 Festivals and Events in Daegu!



Tour Expo Daegu Gyeongbuk

Tour Expo promotes the beauty of Daegu & Gyeongbuk with Tourist Promotion Pavilions, Theme Experience Hall and performances, and provides visitors with fun-filled events.

 ● Venue: EXCO
 ● Programs: Domestic and Overseas Tourism Promotion Pavilions, Theme Experience Hall, FAM Tour, Tour Storytelling and other events, etc.

Mt. Biseulsan Azalea Festival

  ● Venue: Peak of Mt. Biseulsan & Forest Resort 
 Programs: visiting azalea community, folk game & play, concert, essay contest with theme of azalea flowers, etc.


Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival sheds new light on the Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Market of the Joseon Dynasty. It is held on Yakjeon Street, downtown every year. 

 ● Venue: Yangnyeongsi street areas
 Programs: oriental treatment experience, Goyuje ritual, congratulation performance, etc.

Dongseongro Festival

This festival is composed of many fun-filled events participated by citizens, including traditional games, performances by entertainers, and singing contest, etc.

 ● Venue: Dongseongro Street areas
 ● Programs: Reenactment of Gyeongsang Provincial Governor inauguration parade of the Joseon Dynasty, Dongseongro singing festival, street events and hands-on experience, etc.


Daegu International Musical Festival

Building a strong reputation as a city of musicals, various performances, and of course, musicals are played during the festival.

  ● Venue: major theaters and performance halls 
 Programs: musicals, fringe performance, musical awards and other events, etc.


Daegu Horror Art Festival

At this festival, you can enjoy unusual and exciting experiences like horror themed face painting and a haunted house, which also cools you down in the heat of summer.

 Venue: Daegu Culture & Art Center, Duryu Park 
  ● Programs: Horror theater festival, film festival, dance festival, horror make up contest, etc.


Daegu International Body Painting Festival
A fascinating event, joined by the world’s top body painting artists, and top Korean hair designers, providing splendid shows.

 ● Venue: Kolon Outdoor Music Hall 
 ● Programs: body painting artist event, experience body painting, etc. 

Daegu International Jazz Festival

 Venue: Kolon Field Concert Hall, Suseong Artpia, etc.
  ● Programs: performance by world famous musicians, jazz contest for youth, etc.


Daegu Photo Biennale

   ● Venue: Daegu Culture and Arts Center 
   ● Programs: Main and Special exhibitions, side events, portfolio revies, international symposium, etc.

Daegu Fashion Jewelry Week

This beautiful and magnificent jewelry festival provides a variety of programs which can be joined by all.

 ● Venue: Fashion Jewelry District area
 ● Programs: Fashion jewelry show, experience being a model, gold drinks sampling, free jewelry appraisal, jewelry exhibition hall, etc.


Colorful Daegu Festival

  ● Venue: Jungangno area
  ● Programs: Fringe Festival, performances, Color Forest & Art Playground, performances by overseas sister cities, hands-on experience programs, etc.

Chinese Culture Festival

  ● Venue: Jongro Chinese Street 
  ● Programs: traditional Chinese culture performance, Chinese food, Chinese lion dance, dragon dance, Chinese culture exhibition, etc.

Daegu Food Tour Expo

  Venue: EXCO
  Programs: food tasting by theme, all-Korea cooking contest, other events, etc. 

Traditional Buddhist Market

  ● Venue: Mt. Palgong
  ● Programs: Buddhist market by Buddhist monks, Buddhist cuisimes and items, side events, etc. 

Daegu International Opera Festival

Features, carious classic and unusual opera performances, played by top opera singers from home and abroad. Other related events are also provided during this much attended festival. 

 ● Venue: Daegu Opera House and other theaters 
 ● Programs: opera performance, opening and Pre-contest, awards ceremony, etc.


Korea in Motion Daegu

Korea in Motion Daegu is a festival of a unique non-verbal performance that is constructed byt only gesture, dance rhythm, and bats without spoken language.

  Venue: Bongsan Culture Hall, CT Theater, etc.
   ● Programs: non-verbal performance, b-boy dance competition, etc.

Daegu Art Square

  ● Venue: EXCO and downtown area 
  ● Programs: Daegu Art Fari and Touths art project

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