Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[Tour] Let’s Enjoy Suseongmot Night View!

Let’s Enjoy the Beautiful Night View!

@Suseong Lake (Suseongmot)

Suseong lake, also known as Suseongmot, is one of the best resting places in Daegu. Suseongmot has lots of upscale restaurants, cafes, trails and an amusement park. That’s why it’s known as one of the best dating courses in Daegu.

The night view of Suseongmot is especially fantastic because of the lights from restaurants, cafes, hotels and apartments surrounding the lake.


Duck-shaped boats can be rented during the day.

There were many dating couples walking along the trail when I visited the lake even though it was pretty cold.


It would be nice to have a cup of coffee in the one of the cool cafes along the lake after taking a walk to warm up your body.


Suseongmot is also home to a small amusement park called Suseongland. Suseongland has a number of small rides, batting courts and carnival games!

If you don’t have any idea where to spend time during the Christmas holiday for a date, it would be good to visit Suseongmot!


 ● Take 400,400-1, 401,403, 410, 410-1, 449, 564, or 604 bus and get off at Suseong lake bus stop,

* Click here to read more about Suseong Land
  : http://visitdaegu2011.blogspot.kr/2012/12/suseong-land-suseong-land-is-small.html 


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