Thursday, December 13, 2012

[News] Daegu provides the best tourism-related information in Korea!

Daegu provides the best tourism-related information in Korea

Daegu was ranked the best in a report conducted by the Korea Tourism Organization to assess the service quality of tourism information in 16 cities and provinces.

The Korea Tourism Organization monitored a total of 234 tourism information centers, from June to September, in a bid to improve their services and provide better quality information both to Korean and foreign travelers. The assessment was done through in-person visits or telephone monitoring across a wide range of times.

Daegu was ranked the best among the 16 cities and provinces monitored, and four of its tourism centers (Dongdaegu Station, Dongseongno, Yangnyeong Market, Donghwasa) were ranked in the top 20 (out of 47 centers).

The results are attributable to Daegu City’s continued efforts to invest in related facilities and its systematic personnel training. In particular, the guides were noteworthy for their tireless efforts, pride in their regions and a sense of duty.

 “The continued interest and attention of related organizations, including Daegu City and the Korea Tourism Association made possible our achievements in this year’s assessment of tourism information centers,” said Kim Dae-gweon, head of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Daegu City. “We will continue our efforts to educate our tourism personnel and improve their working environment so that they can provide a better quality of service to travelers.”

Come to Daegu and experience the best tourism information service in Korea!

* Click the link below to get the information of Culture and Tour Guides in Daegu

 * Click the link below to get the information of Tourism Information Centers in Daegu


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