Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Food] Daegu's unique sushi restaurant, Wild Sushi

Daegu's unique Sushi Restaurant
Wild Sushi

Wild Sushi is a franchise restaurant started its business in Daegu and now there are three wild Sushi restaurants in dongseongno, Kyungbuk University , and Keimyung University.

Wild Sushi in Dongseongno
Inside of the restaurant

 I visited one in dongseongno, downtown Daegu.


The most famous menus of this restaurant are chicken salad(치킨샐러드), special sushi(특선초밥), and seafood yaki udong. I ordered chicken salad and special sushi. Each of them was 14,000w. 


If you order couple set, you can taste chicken salad and sushi with udong at 32,000w.


Raw sea bream was served as an appetizer with pickles while I was waiting for the main food.

Chicken Salad

The Chicken salad, one of the best items on the menu, was served first. Sliced apples, almonds and eggs go very well with fried boneless chicken and the special mustard sauce.

Special Sushi


Sushi was served soon after. Each sushi was provided in two pieces. They were all fresh and delicious. I especially liked the tender roast beef sushi.

Waiting list board
Waiting seats

You’d better to avoid busy meal time otherwise you should wait so long especially on weekends.

  Wild Sushi (Dongseongno)

  ● Address: 15-6 Samdeokdong 1ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
                    (Right next to Gallery Zone)
  ● Open hours: 11am ~ 10pm 
  ● Contact: 053-426-0044

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