Thursday, December 6, 2012

[Accommodation] Guest House in Daegu #2_Peter Pan Guesthouse

Guest House in Daegu #2_Peter Pan Guesthouse

Located just next to Novotel Hotel, Peterpan Guesthouse is a rooftop guesthouse of the six-story building offering an unbroken vista. It’s easy to access because of its central location in the city.

The interesting thing of the guesthouse was mural paintings all over the rooftop. Most of them were painted by guests. It’s like their guest book. The unique paintings and some plants made the whole rooftop a small roof garden. You can also have a bbq party in the front yard in summer.

Inside of the guest house was small but cozy. Inside walls were covered by travel information of Daegu and letters from visitors.

It has different types of rooms such as dormitory beds, single and double rooms, and also ondol room to fit visitors’ needs.

The owner opened the guest house in Daegu with five years of experience of managing a guest house in Newyork. He found this rooftop house because he fell in love with Korean dramas that were set in rooftops and thought it would be romantic making a guesthouse in the rooftop.

According to him, many people visit the guest house to stay overnight on their way to Haeinsa for Temple stay experience. Daegu is the best place for them because it's close to Haeinsa Temple and have lots of attractions to see. However, once they experience Daegu and get to know the beauty of Daegu, they spend more time in Daegu than they planned.

His dream is making a place for foreign residents in Daegu to gather together and have social parties, sharing their interests. Guesthouse is not just a place to stay. It’s an open place for everyone to make friends, share thoughts and have fun. Visit Peterpan Guesthouse if you want to laugh and enjoy!

  Dongseongno Peterpan Guesthouse

   Address: 6-13 6th Floor, Munhwadong Jungu, Daegu, South Korea

   Room type: Dormitory beds, Single and double rooms, and ondol room. 
   Costs: 20,000w(Dormitory) ~ 45,000w(Twin)
      : Air Conditioning, Place, Breakfast, Cable TV, Free City Maps, Free Internet Access
       and WiFi, Housekeeping, Free Parking, Outdoor Terrace, Laundry Facilities, Towels 
   ● Inquiries: 010-4023-7982 
   ● Kakao Talk ID: lovingyou0921
   ● e-mail:

   ● Visit or for making a reservation


Tommy said...

Very homey indeed. I'll take note of this. Couchsurfing could also be considered these days. cheap place to stay in London

Unknown said...

I love those rooms, but i love to hear if those are affordable hotel packages .

Cheap Guest House in Islamabad said...

It is more appreciable like a Home for all ages who can find things according to their demands.A place more then a place in dream i saw such marvelous Rooms .I hope these are affordable also .